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Andrea Fidanza, Stefano Necozione, and Lorenzo Garagnani

Introduction Wrist arthritis, either primary or secondary, is a debilitating condition that often leads to significant limitations in the use of the hand due to chronic wrist pain. When conservative treatment fails, surgical intervention is

Jonny K. Andersson

), followed by carpal collapse, finally ending up in disabling arthritis (scapholunate advanced collapse (SLAC)) wrist. 1 It often takes three to 12 months after trauma before dynamic instability develops and SL dissociation is noted radiologically (SL

Reinier Feitz, Yara E. van Kooij, Marloes H. P. ter Stege, Mark J. W. van der Oest, J. Sebastiaan Souer, Robbert M. Wouters, Harm P. Slijper, Ruud W. Selles, Steven E. R. Hovius, and Hand–Wrist Study Group

and hand therapists entirely focused on hand and wrist care. We developed a web-based and open-source information system named Pulse 5 to collect data from patients, doctors, and therapists. Pulse provided us the necessary platform and tools to

Patrick Houvet

intercarpal arthrodeses, to clarify the indications for each fusion, to describe the most suitable surgical technique for each fusion, and to provide an overview of outcomes and current concepts. The most common form of degenerative wrist osteoarthritis is

B Kooistra, M van den Bekerom, S Priester-Vink, and R Barco

Interosseous membrane injury 0 1 1 Proximal translation of the radius 0 1 1 No nomenclature used 2 0 2 The most commonly stated clinical criterion for both acute and chronic EL injury was wrist pain in the presence of a

Lorenzo Massimo Oldrini, Pietro Feltri, Jacopo Albanese, Stefano Lucchina, Giuseppe Filardo, and Christian Candrian

used ‘(radius OR radial OR wrist fract* OR Colles fract*) AND (plate OR ORIF OR fixation) AND (conservative OR nonsurgical OR non-surgical OR nonoperative OR non-operative OR cast OR splint OR plaster OR immobilisation).’ Inclusion criteria included

Luca Dei Giudici, Andrea Faini, Luca Garro, Agostino Tucciarone, and Antonio Gigante

assistance during reduction or during any phase of the surgery, were analysed. Selected papers met the following inclusion criteria: treatment of an articular or periarticular fracture; involvement of the shoulder, elbow or wrist joint; use of arthroscopy

Martin Clementson, Anders Björkman, and Niels O. B. Thomsen

Introduction Post-traumatic radial-sided wrist pain is common and can represent a fracture, wrist sprain, ligament disruption or a combination of injuries. Previous studies have shown that a scaphoid fracture is the most common fracture among

Jonny K Andersson, Pelle Gustafson, and Philippe Kopylov

treat acute scaphoid fractures have been long internationally established ( 1 , 2 ). After a fall on an extended hand, with radial wrist pain and pain on palpation at fossa tabatière and/or axial compression of the thumb, an X-ray examination should be

Marko Bumbasirevic, Tomislav Palibrk, Aleksandar Lesic, and Henry DE Atkinson

particularly vulnerable at the mid-shaft of the humerus where it is in direct contact with the periosteum and at the point where it pierces the intermuscular septum. The symptoms only become apparent after the surgery, usually manifesting as sensory loss, wrist