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Qiushi Bai, Yuanyi Wang, Jiliang Zhai, Jigong Wu, Yan Zhang, and Yu Zhao

in 32% (symptomatic 13%, asymptomatic 19%) Tsutsumimoto et al. (26)  Retrospective study Patients who had undergone cervical surgery for CSM 297 M:201; F: 96 65.6 (27–93) CLTSS in 57.9% (15% underwent a lumbar operation) Yamada

Nicolas de l’Escalopier, Marjorie Salga, Laure Gatin, François Genêt, and Philippe Denormandie

occur. Our expertise in performing effective surgery to treat NHO has progressed during this experience, and standard practice has advanced and adapted to better treat the pathology, and provide patients with improved quality of life outcomes. Surgical

Mohsen Raza, Daniel Murphy, and Yael Gelfer

cranial bony anatomy was created from CT imaging. 1 Since then, it has been increasingly applied especially in surgical specialties such as oral and maxillofacial surgery, 2 , 3 cardiothoracic surgery, 4 plastic surgery, 5 neurosurgery

Miklós Szendrői, Imre Antal, Attila Szendrői, Áron Lazáry, and Péter Pál Varga

diagnostic problem or if ablative surgery is planned. Evaluating laboratory findings, the patient’s condition and the local stage of the tumour, we can decide whether to perform radical or palliative surgery. In cases with multiple bone metastases, surgery

Emmanuel Thienpont

the presence of multiple scars from surgeries that have been performed a long time previously, a mid-line approach is the least disruptive approach. 8 Medial parapatellar arthrotomy Medial parapatellar arthrotomy ( Fig. 1 ) is the standard

Julie J. Willeumier, Yvette M. van der Linden, Michiel A.J. van de Sande, and P.D. Sander Dijkstra

patient history (nutritional status, weight loss and cognitive status, for example). Dehydration, thirst or drowsiness can suggest hypercalcaemia and blood tests (serum calcium and albumin) should be performed. If surgery is planned, laboratory studies

Hans-Jörg Trnka

surgery fashion as the Isham osteotomy. 5 From the beginning of the use of osteotomies for the treatment of hallux valgus deformities, surgeons distinguished between distal, diaphyseal and proximal osteotomies. While the Hohmann, 4 the Wilson

Markus S. Hanke, Till D. Lerch, Florian Schmaranzer, Malin K. Meier, Simon D. Steppacher, and Klaus A. Siebenrock

Perthes disease, torsional abnormalities together with the development of new surgical approaches and procedures, have revolutionized the field of joint preserving surgery. The utilization of joint preservation operations including hip arthroscopy

Andrea Angelini, Nicolò Mosele, Elisa Pagliarini, and Pietro Ruggieri

). Radiotherapy can be used in association with surgery, pre- or post-operatively, to reduce the size of the lesion, stopping the angiogenesis and consequently the progression of osteolysis. Results are quite convincing: in 1993, Dunbar et al reviewed the

Wai Weng Yoon and Jonathan Koch

patients with non-operative management of cervical radiculopathy. 9 There are no clearly recognized indications for surgery in patients with CDH with radiculopathy. 5 Concerning signs or symptoms that might merit early surgical intervention