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A Prkić, N P Vermeulen, B W Kooistra, B The, M P J van den Bekerom, and D Eygendaal

, the literature shows better outcomes when these are performed by experienced surgeons and in high-volume hospitals. This includes several orthopedic procedures and arthroplasties ( 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 ). Besides, in 2011, Sanchez

Gareth G. Jones, Susannah Clarke, Martin Jaere, and Justin Cobb

only be performed in specialist, high volume centres. 15 , 16 An alternative response is to try and replicate the technical skills of experts in surgeons who never, or infrequently, perform UKA. Assistive technology, in the form of 3D printed

Koray Şahin, Alper Şükrü Kendirci, Muhammed Oğuzhan Albayrak, Gökhan Sayer, and Ali Erşen

definition of MDI, glenohumeral joint stability has been better understood thanks to advances in basic science, shoulder biomechanics and clinical concepts. However, MDI still poses a great challenge for orthopedic surgeons in terms of diagnosis and treatment

Fahima A. Begum, Babar Kayani, Samuel D. J. Morgan, Syed S. Ahmed, Sandeep Singh, and Fares S. Haddad

, conventional manual UKA is heavily dependent on the skill and expertise of the operating surgeon. Liddle et al reviewed outcomes of 37,131 UKAs from the National Joint Registry for England and Wales, and found surgical case-volume strongly influenced implant

Jacobien H.F. Oosterhoff, Job N. Doornberg, and Machine Learning Consortium

orthopaedics to illustrate the great potential of AI to assist orthopaedic surgeons. In contrast, we will present methodologically sound ML applications, which have not, to date, made it to clinical practice, to exemplify AI’s shortcomings. Finally, we will

Cristina Alves

Introduction Scientific education and a clinical background make surgeons exceptionally placed to perform leading research. 1 Today, many surgeons develop novel technology and play an outstanding role in health services and outcomes

Martyn Porter, Richard Armstrong, Peter Howard, Matthew Porteous, and J. Mark Wilkinson

fair reporting. It could also be open to legal challenge. As a result, a compromise was reached whereby data were published on individual surgeons in relation to type and volume of activity and 90-day mortality but not for revision rates. Instead

Richard N. de Steiger and Stephen E. Graves

comparative performance of individual surgeons. A funnel plot is a scatter plot where each point represents a single surgeon’s rate of revision with the X axis representing volume of procedures performed (individual procedures performed by the surgeon and

Mirza Biscevic, Aida Sehic, and Ferid Krupic

education, annual volume, work per case, and types of cases. 27 Technologists acquire the intraoperative data and relay the information to the surgeon, anaesthesiologist, neurologist, neurophysiologist, or another professional for interpretation

David Barrett and Angela Brivio

knee has led researchers and surgeons to focus primarily on these tissues that make up the extensor mechanism of the joint and the surrounding stabilising structures, collectively called the ‘third space of the knee’. The third space The name