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Martin Clementson, Anders Björkman, and Niels O. B. Thomsen

Introduction Post-traumatic radial-sided wrist pain is common and can represent a fracture, wrist sprain, ligament disruption or a combination of injuries. Previous studies have shown that a scaphoid fracture is the most common fracture among

Jonny K Andersson, Pelle Gustafson, and Philippe Kopylov

Introduction Scaphoid fractures account for 60% of carpal fractures, 11% of hand fractures and 2% of all fractures. The estimated incidence is shown to be 29–43 fractures/100 000 persons/year ( 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ). Most commonly, it occurs in

Bedri Karaismailoglu, Mehmet Fatih Guven, Mert Erenler, and Huseyin Botanlioglu

Introduction The treatment of scaphoid nonunion is still a challenge for hand surgeons. Nonunion rate of scaphoid fractures varies between 5% and 15%. 1 Due to tenuous retrograde blood supply of the scaphoid, this rate can increase up to

Maria Anna Smolle, Lukas Leitner, Nikolaus Böhler, Franz-Josef Seibert, Mathias Glehr, and Andreas Leithner

at other sites), postoperative infection risk, nonunion after fracture surgery or elective orthopaedic procedures in general, and persistent nonunion after scaphoid nonunion. Crude values rather than variable-adjusted results were used in order not to

Maartje Michielsen, Annemieke Van Haver, Matthias Vanhees, Roger van Riet, and Frederik Verstreken

Case 1 A 24-year-old motorcyclist sustained a fracture at the waist of the scaphoid, which was treated with cast immobilization for 12 weeks. He suffered from activity-related pain and continuous swelling of the wrist. Examination showed limited

Patrick Houvet

deformity in the setting of scaphoid fracture nonunion (75% vs 20%). Yet with this type of procedure the lunate positioning is easier to achieve, and the rate of fusion is higher. Fig. 7 LC fusion+ scaphoidectomy. In type II, with an

Haroon Majeed and Donald J. McBride

anteriorly than posteriorly. Approximately two-thirds of its surface area is covered with articular cartilage and it has a tenuous blood supply, similar to the scaphoid. The talus has seven articular surfaces and is divided into the head, neck and body, and

Jonny K. Andersson

role in terms of rotational stability. 4 , 5 The dorsal part of the SLL measures 2 mm to 3 mm in thickness and is in the range of 2 mm to 5 mm in length. The vascular supply to the scaphoid and SLL is delicate. The main vascular contribution comes

Maximilian M. Menger, Benedikt J. Braun, Steven C. Herath, Markus A. Küper, Mika F. Rollmann, and Tina Histing

Introduction Fractures of the femoral head are severe, but uncommon, injuries of the proximal femur, which typically occur after posterior dislocation of the hip joint. 1 – 3 In 1869, Birkett was the first to discover and document femoral

Jacobien H.F. Oosterhoff, Job N. Doornberg, and Machine Learning Consortium

prognostic outcome applications. In orthopaedic trauma, ML-derived clinical prediction rules may enhance workflow in the ED: 37 , 38 patients clinically suspected for scaphoid fracture are referred for radiographic evaluation. Of these, up to 20% of