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James R. Berstock and Michael R. Whitehouse

studies), thereby directing future research. In this article, we discuss the origins of systematic review and summarize the methodology for performing such work and the meta-analysis which may follow if appropriate data are available. Pioneering work

Jinlong Zhao, Jianke Pan, Ling-feng Zeng, Ming Wu, Weiyi Yang, and Jun Liu

used a meta-analysis to quantitatively analyse potential risk factors for full-thickness rotator cuff tears to provide a theoretical basis for clinical treatment and prognosis. Methods This meta-analysis was performed in strict accordance with

Hua Luo, Yongwei Su, Liang Ding, Haijun Xiao, Ming Wu, and Feng Xue

treatments have different advantages and disadvantages. Hence, it is necessary to assess the efficiency of different treatments between exchange nailing and augmentative plating based on the available evidence. We considered that this meta-analysis would

Hua Luo, Yu Ren, Yongwei Su, Feng Xue, and Zhenghua Hong

powder (VP) spray, local to lower spine SSIs because of its antimicrobial activity on most of the gram-positive bacteria and cost-effectiveness. In addition, many predecessors have performed a meta-analysis to study the relieving effect of vancomycin in

Wen-xi Sun, Hao-nan Liu, Meng-tong Chen, Yong-peng Lin, Hong-shen Wang, and Bo-lai Chen

increasingly recognized by orthopaedic surgeons. They have gradually become widely used clinical procedures. However, there is still debate as to which of these two techniques is more advantageous ( 6 ). A meta-analysis of the clinical efficacy and safety of

Victor Lu, Maria Tennyson, Andrew Zhou, Ravi Patel, Mary D Fortune, Azeem Thahir, and Matija Krkovic

risk of wound dehiscence or infection ( 9 ). This study aims to provide a comprehensive review with a detailed meta-analysis of the current evidence for using a TTC nail as the primary surgical option to treat fragility ankle fractures in the elderly

Xinhuan Lei, Jie Xiang, Hailan Yang, Hongya Bao, Zhong Zhu, and Hua Luo

incidence of infection compared with that in the control group. Methods This meta-analysis was performed in accordance with the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses statement ( 6 ). The protocol for this meta-analysis

Heri Suroto, Brigita De Vega, Fani Deapsari, Tabita Prajasari, Pramono Ari Wibowo, and Steven K. Samijo

fracture configuration or other surgical procedures in which the raw data could not be separated. We also excluded case series, case reports, reviews, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, editorials, letters, book chapters, study protocols, non

James R. Berstock, James R. Murray, Michael R. Whitehouse, Ashley W. Blom, and Andrew D. Beswick

and meta-analysis using methods described in the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions 15 and in accordance with the Preferred Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses (PRISMA) guidelines. 16 The protocol for this

Tian Cheng, Elisabet Einarsdottir, Juha Kere, and Paul Gerdhem

idiopathic scoliosis that is attributed to genetics is highly uncertain. In this systematic review and meta-analysis, we aimed to describe the degree of heritability in idiopathic scoliosis estimated from twin or family studies. Materials and methods