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Alfonso Vaquero-Picado, Raul Barco, and Samuel A. Antuña

Introduction Lateral elbow pain is one of the most common sources of medical consultation for non-traumatic elbow disorders. The most frequent diagnosis is the tendinous disorder known as lateral epicondylitis (LE) or ‘tennis elbow’. However

Raul Barco and Samuel A. Antuña

Introduction Medial elbow pain is not very common in the general population. Medial epicondylitis (ME) has shown a prevalence of < 1% and has been calculated to be one-third as frequent as lateral epicondylitis. 1 Certain groups of the

Megan Conti Mica, Pieter Caekebeke, and Roger van Riet

lateral epicondylitis with iatrogenic damage to the LCL. 1 , 5 - 7 PLRI usually occurs from a fall on the outstretched hand. On impact, the radial head and ulna rotate externally together with valgus displacement of the forearm. This leads to

Vinzenz Auersperg and Klemens Trieb

lateral epicondylitis, 3 , 4 the multicentre study by Ludger Gerdesmeyer (Technische Universität München) showed significantly better results with ESWT than with a placebo. 5 Extracorporeal shock wave therapy has been developed from

Francesco Smeraglia, Federico Tamborini, Leonardo Garutti, Andrea Minini, Morena A. Basso, and Mario Cherubino

required a shorter recovery time compared to the open technique. This result was expected because the two techniques are less invasive and require less surgical exposure. Some authors 16 , 19 report late onset of lateral epicondylitis; they hypothesize

Thomas Collins, Dinesh Alexander, and Bilal Barkatali

. Lateral epicondylitis Ben-Nafa and Munro Improved outcomes for up to 2 years post treatment with PRP compared to corticosteroid injection. Achilles tendinopathy Gholami et al No clinical benefit shown between PRP and saline placebo

Maria Anna Smolle, Lukas Leitner, Nikolaus Böhler, Franz-Josef Seibert, Mathias Glehr, and Andreas Leithner

negative impact of smoking regarding various outcome parameters in orthopaedics and trauma, including incidence of fracture, risk for lateral epicondylitis, fracture nonunion and postoperative complication rate. 15 – 18 The aim of the current systematic

Claudio Rosso, Mark E Morrey, Michael O Schär, Kushtrim Grezda, and

& Roy B . Platelet rich plasma injections for lateral epicondylitis of the elbow reduce the need for surgical intervention . Journal of Orthopaedics 2018 15 239 – 241 . ( ) 29657476 11. Di Matteo B Loibl

Fan Wu, Michael Nerlich, and Denitsa Docheva

keratin sulphates. Decorin is known to bind directly to collagen type I fibrils and has been implicated in the lateral collagen fibrillogenesis. 23 Similar to decorin, fibromodulin, biglycan and lumican bind to collagen I fibrils participating in the

Gerardo Fusco, Francesco M. Gambaro, Berardo Di Matteo, and Elizaveta Kon

. Lim W Park SH Kim B Kang SW Lee JW Moon YL . Relationship of cytokine levels and clinical effect on platelet-rich plasma-treated lateral epicondylitis . J Orthop Res 2018 ; 36 : 913 – 920 . 7