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Xinhuan Lei, Jie Xiang, Hailan Yang, Hongya Bao, Zhong Zhu, and Hua Luo

over the past decade has found that tissue concentrations for systemic antibiotic administration do not always meet the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) for effective prevention ( 1 ). Intraosseous (IO) techniques were originally used for fluid

Elena Bravo, Raul Barco, and E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán

incidence among these patients of 1.14%. 16 Pseudotumours may originate in soft tissues or subperiosteal or intraosseous areas caused by recurrent bleeding. They are classified into three types according to the anatomic sites where bleeding occurs. In

Gerardo Fusco, Francesco M. Gambaro, Berardo Di Matteo, and Elizaveta Kon

therapy should be proposed with caution, especially when adopting biologic products, and further data should be collected before endorsing its routine application. Subchondral injections Subchondral injections refer to minimally invasive intra-osseous

Martin Riegger, Nermine Habib, Enrique Adrian Testa, Jochen Müller, Marco Guidi, and Christian Candrian

screw 2.7 mm 5-hole locking plate (Synthes) no compression screw Intraosseous fixation IO FIX® (Extr. Medical) + plantar dorsal Intraosseous fixation IO FIX® (Extr. Medical) + dorsal plantar

Xavier Martin Oliva and Antonio Viladot Voegeli

that can compromise intra-osseous vascular flow. Many other aetiological factors can occur such as abnormal bone development in Kohler disease. Also, osteoarthritis, and systemic metabolic and autoimmune diseases that increase the risk of osteonecrosis

Karl Stoffel, Christoph Sommer, Mark Lee, Tracy Y Zhu, Karsten Schwieger, and Christopher Finkemeier

construct failure of one of the devices. Other double fixation constructs Other variations of double fixation constructs have been used in a few case series. Bergin et al. ( 8 ) used an intraosseous plate in additional to a lateral extraosseous

E. Mascard, N. Gaspar, L. Brugières, C. Glorion, S. Pannier, and A. Gomez-Brouchet

bone destruction is often more marked than the periosteal reaction, and can be appreciated on CT. MRI helps more than CT in biopsy to determine the intra-osseous and extra-osseous extent of the tumour. 15 Fig. 4 This ten-year-old female had a

Michael Millrose, Markus Gesslein, Till Ittermann, Simon Kim, Hans-Christoph Vonderlind, and Mike Ruettermann

-5023(8880103-5 ) 18 Buck-Gramcko D Oehme S . Finger joint arthrodeses with intraosseous wire suture and Kirschner wire. A comparative study of 309 operations . Handchirurgie, Mikrochirurgie, Plastische Chirurgie 1988 20 99 – 106 . 19 Burton RI Margles SW

Bülent Atilla, Sancar Bakırcıoğlu, Alexander J. Shope, and Javad Parvizi

core decompression is to provide pain relief through reducing venous congestion and bone-marrow pressure. 15 , 19 With the decrease in intraosseous pressure, blood flow is increased to the necrotic area of bone, thus alleviating the pathologic

Christian Smith, Razi Zaidi, Jagmeet Bhamra, Anna Bridgens, Caesar Wek, and Michail Kokkinakis

reported in one study in this review, which were managed non-operatively; there were no talar neck fractures. In 1998, Rockett et al reported an adolescent patient who developed bilateral talar intra-osseous ganglion cysts two years following bilateral