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Tianping Zhou, Yihong Xu, Aiai Zhang, Lan Zhou, Qing Zhang, Zhou Ji, and Weidong Xu

, Netherlands) and Excel 2016 (Microsoft Corporation, USA) to display the present research status and hotspots as well as identify possible research frontiers in this research field. Methods Data collection Data from the literature were retrieved

Minghe Yao, Tingkui Wu, and Beiyu Wang

, bibliometric analysis also makes recognition of the newly focused hotspots ( 57 ). Our research was based on bibliometric data of the literature in the field of MSCs in IDD. We aimed to provide an overview of the spatial and temporal distribution

Junbo He, Tingkui Wu, Chen Ding, Beiyu Wang, Ying Hong, and Hao Liu

, gathering critical information from literature remains challenging. Thus, identifying the most impactful publications and trends in research hotspots is of great significance. The bibliometric analysis applies multiple methods to qualitatively and

James Plant and Stephen Cannon

out malignant disease. 9 CT or MRI imaging is used to ’co-register’ with the PET scan, allowing the glucose avid hotspots to be correlated to anatomic location. The contrast-enhanced CT scan is performed first, with the patient lying still until