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Marko Bumbasirevic, Tomislav Palibrk, Aleksandar Lesic, and Henry DE Atkinson

useful in detecting the location of an injury, co-existing pathologies and neurological diseases when a nerve lesion is suspected. 42 , 43 Treatment Treatment of radial nerve palsy can be either non-operative or operative. Non

Maria Anna Smolle, Sandra Bösmüller, Paul Puchwein, Martin Ornig, Andreas Leithner, and Franz-Josef Seibert

-union, while post-operative infections and iatrogenic radial nerve palsy (iRNP) do naturally occur following surgical therapy. As complication profiles are known to differ between conservative and surgical therapy, operative techniques, and implant types, but

Nicolas Gallusser, Bardia Barimani, and Frédéric Vauclair

. Surgical treatment: open reduction and internal fixation with a plate Indications Surgical indications are summarized in Table 1 . Radial nerve palsy (RNP) in HSF is not an indication for surgery as it is associated with a high rate of spontaneous

Carlos A. Encinas-Ullán, José M. Martínez-Diez, and E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán

Six of these fractures were complicated with radial nerve palsy. Four cases were open fractures. All reductions were achieved closely or through minimal open approaches. All fractures achieved consolidation with an average of 95 days. The six radial

Deepak Samson, Chye Yew Ng, and Dominic Power

: 182 - 185 . 43 Dubuisson A , Kline DG . Indications for peripheral nerve and brachial plexus surgery . Neurol Clin 1992 ; 10 : 935 - 951 . 44 Ring D , Chin K , Jupiter JB . Radial nerve

Marko Nabergoj, Patrick J. Denard, Philippe Collin, Rihard Trebše, and Alexandre Lädermann

recovery after six months after surgery is an indication for surgical treatment. 92 Successful removal of the cement causing radial nerve palsy has been previously reported. The risk of this injury is not correlated to prosthetic design. Fig. 10

Frédéric Vauclair, Patrick Goetti, Ngoc Tram V. Nguyen, and Joaquin Sanchez-Sotelo

varying among the six studies between 35% and 82%). Complications reported in these seven studies included infection, ulnar nerve neuropathy (nine elbows), radial nerve palsy (five elbows), and need for additional surgery (for nerve release, grafting