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Olga D. Savvidou, Panagiotis Koutsouradis, Angelos Kaspiris, Leon Naar, George D. Chloros, and Panayiotis J. Papagelopoulos

this study is to review the functional scores, patients’ satisfaction and complications after non-operative treatment of displaced olecranon fractures in the elderly population. Non-operative treatment Non-operative treatment of displaced

Andreas Frodl, Benjamin Erdle, and Hagen Schmal

fractured fibula was subjected to non-operative treatment in 309 patients, resulting in 113 postoperative varus/valgus deviations of the tibia. When the fibula had been fixed, only 25 patients suffered from a postoperative varus/valgus deviation > 5°. The

Martin Clementson, Anders Björkman, and Niels O. B. Thomsen

scaphoid fractures: a systematic literature review . J Wrist Surg 2016 ; 5 : 152 – 159 . 17. Russe O . Fracture of the carpal navicular: diagnosis, non-operative treatment, and operative treatment . J Bone Joint Surg Am 1960

Christopher J. Pearce and Audrey Tan

diagnosis. 64 –66 Further studies may be needed to investigate their role and application in the management of Achilles tendinopathy. Non-operative treatment The mainstay of management in non-insertional Achilles tendinopathy is conservative, and

Toni Luokkala, Minna K. Laitinen, Teemu P. Hevonkorpi, Lauri Raittio, Ville M. Mattila, and Antti P. Launonen

-operatively and what would be the best way to achieve this? 2) Which fractures should we treat operatively? 3) How can we predict fracture behaviour during non-operative treatment and based on what premises should we intervene to maximize the

Alfonso Vaquero-Picado, Raul Barco, and Samuel A. Antuña

and control of further clinical deterioration. 4 Non-operative treatment Non-operative treatment includes a wide array of possibilities with a rate of improvement in 90% of cases. Several new techniques have been developed in last decade

Philippe Beaufils, Roland Becker, Sebastian Kopf, Ollivier Matthieu, and Nicolas Pujol

results since 2002, several RCTs attempted to compare APM with non-operative treatment (mainly physiotherapy) 45 - 49 or sham surgery. 50 , 51 Moseley 50 and Kirkley’s 45 studies were based on osteoarthritic knees, the other ones on

Javier Masquijo and Alpesh Kothari

should be the primary approach for stable JOCD of the knee. Although there is a lack of evidence for specific non-operative treatments, most authors recommend at least three to six months before the decision for surgical treatment. Non-operative treatment

Manuel Monteagudo, Pilar Martínez de Albornoz, Borja Gutierrez, José Tabuenca, and Ignacio Álvarez

12 months with conservative treatment. 2 In the last 15 years, the focus of non-operative treatment has changed from orthoses and splints to different types of stretching routines. The focus of operative treatment has also changed from

Christof Audretsch, Alexander Trulson, Andreas Höch, Steven C Herath, Tina Histing, Markus A Küper, and Working Group on Pelvic Fractures of the German Trauma Society

Introduction Acetabular fractures are rare injuries with an incidence of 3/100,000/year ( 1 , 2 ). Therefore, therapy is often challenging, even for experienced trauma surgeons. The standard therapy used to be non-operative treatment for a