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Alfonso Vaquero-Picado, Raul Barco, and Samuel A. Antuña

Introduction Lateral elbow pain is one of the most common sources of medical consultation for non-traumatic elbow disorders. The most frequent diagnosis is the tendinous disorder known as lateral epicondylitis (LE) or ‘tennis elbow’. However

Przemysław Lubiatowski, Joanna Wałecka, Marcin Dzianach, Jakub Stefaniak, and Leszek Romanowski

2 cases - Large study: 121 out of 600 patients with lateral elbow pain 15 Brahe Pedersen 15 2017 60 Case series, level IV 17 43 44 (42–46) 32 US Posterior RCJ Arthroscopic 27 47% - 47% satisfactory based

Raul Barco and Samuel A. Antuña

  • Medial elbow pain is uncommon when compared with lateral elbow pain.

  • Medial epicondylitis is an uncommon diagnosis and can be confused with other sources of pain.

  • Overhead throwers and workers lifting heavy objects are at increased risk of medial elbow pain.

  • Differential diagnosis includes ulnar nerve disorders, cervical radiculopathy, injured ulnar collateral ligament, altered distal triceps anatomy or joint disorders.

  • Children with medial elbow pain have to be assessed for ‘Little League elbow’ and fractures of the medial epicondyle following a traumatic event.

  • This paper is primarily focused on the differential diagnosis of medial elbow pain with basic recommendations on treatment strategies.

Cite this article: EFORT Open Rev 2017;2:362-371. DOI: 10.1302/2058-5241.2.160006

Megan Conti Mica, Pieter Caekebeke, and Roger van Riet

-up. 19 In our experience a common complication after arthroscopic repair is self-limiting lateral elbow pain due to a prominent suture knot. If this is not resolved spontaneously, the knot can be removed. We are not aware of any papers reporting bone