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Luigi Zagra, Francesco Benazzo, Dante Dallari, Francesco Falez, Giuseppe Solarino, Rocco D’Apolito, and Claudio Carlo Castelli

Introduction and definitions The hip–spine relationship has attracted increasing attention from hip surgeons, and the concept of the lumbopelvic complex (LPC) ( 1 ) has garnered research interest from diverse perspectives. This article

Charles Rivière, Stefan Lazic, Louis Dagneaux, Catherine Van Der Straeten, Justin Cobb, and Sarah Muirhead-Allwood

clinically impact the other. This pathological situation is defined as the spine-hip syndrome (SHS) 1 or hip-spine syndrome (HSS), 2 , 3 depending on whether the primary pathological structure is the spine or the hip, respectively. This

Javier Pizones and Eduardo García-Rey

pelvic motion as the key bounding the spine and the hips. Spine–pelvis–hip Balance and alignment Balance is a dynamic concept that reflects how the body can adapt its centre of mass and gravity while in motion. Agonist and antagonist forces

Charles Rivière, Stefan Lazic, Loïc Villet, Yann Wiart, Sarah Muirhead Allwood, and Justin Cobb

. Lazennec JY Brusson A Rousseau MA . Hip-spine relations and sagittal balance clinical consequences . Eur Spine J 2011 ; 20 ( suppl 5 ): 686 - 98 . 65. Lazennec JY Brusson A Rousseau MA . Lumbar

Mario Herrera-Pérez, Pablo Martín-Vélez, David González-Martín, Miguel Domínguez-Meléndez, Ahmed E Galhoum, Victor Valderrabano, and Sergio Tejero

related to osteoporosis affecting mainly the hip, spine, and distal radius, but also the distal tibia and ankle ( 1 , 2 ). The definition of a ‘frail patient’ goes beyond osteoporosis itself and it is defined as one with greater vulnerability associated

Jennette Higgs, Emma Derbyshire, and Kathryn Styles

fracture, with the most common fractures being at the hip, spine or wrist. 1 The pathogenesis of osteoporosis is multi-faceted, consisting of intricate interplay between physiological processes, including hormonal status, along with genetic and

Habeeb Bishi, Joshua B V Smith, Vipin Asopa, Richard E Field, Chao Wang, and David H Sochart

hip-spine relationship in total hip arthroplasty . Orthopedic Reviews 2020 12 8656. ( ) 33 Haffer H Adl Amini D Perka C Pumberger M . The impact of spinopelvic mobility on arthroplasty: implications for