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Nicholas D. Clement, Marwan Al-Zibari, Irrum Afzal, David J. Deehan, and Deiary Kader

aware of any published review reporting the evidence for this in isolation from image-based systems. The aim of this systematic review was to present and assess the quality of evidence for learning curve, component positioning, functional outcomes and

Anoop Prasad, Richard Donovan, Manoj Ramachandran, Sebastian Dawson-Bowling, Steven Millington, Rej Bhumbra, Pramod Achan, and Sammy A. Hanna

, re-operations, revision rate and functional outcome were extracted and entered into a spreadsheet. Figure 1 represents a PRISMA flowchart illustrating the search strategy and number of records screened and included. Fig. 1 PRISMA flowchart

Corentin Pangaud, Matthieu Ollivier, and Jean-Noël Argenson

written fully or with an abstract in English Articles reporting infectious outcomes of either single-stage or double-stage exchange arthroplasty Articles reporting functional outcomes of either single-stage or double-stage exchange arthroplasty

Khaled M. Sarraf, Ravi Popat, Kathryn L. Kneale, Rajarshi Bhattacharya, Manoj Ramachandran, Pramod Achan, and Sammy A. Hanna

the evidence for the use of THA in patients with end-stage degenerative changes following SCFE. Specifically, we aim to determine the patient-reported functional outcomes, post-operative complications and failure rates. Methods Search

Joost van Tilburg and Mikkel Rathsach Andersen

outcome for morbidly obese, compared with non-obese after TKA – taken the latest studies in the field into consideration. The outcome will be measured as revision rate and functional outcome. Reported complications will be compared. Methods

Giuseppe Solarino, Giovanni Vicenti, Massimiliano Carrozzo, Guglielmo Ottaviani, Biagio Moretti, and Luigi Zagra

stability, functional outcome and implant longevity. 11 , 12 Therefore modularity, maximizing the options for a correct anatomic reconstruction, can be particularly useful in ‘difficult’ hips with advanced anatomical damage as in developmental dysplasia

David Lin, Alexander Charalambous, and Sammy A. Hanna

literature to determine the patient-reported functional outcomes and complications of bilateral THA in patients with advanced AS. Methods Search strategy MEDLINE and EMBASE databases were searched on 17 August 2018 to identify relevant studies in

Paul Hoogervorst, Peter van Schie, and Michel PJ van den Bekerom

gleno-humeral arthritis in those treated conservatively. 19 , 26 - 34 Others report the that the amount of shortening is not influential in the long-term functional outcomes. 35 - 37 To the authors’ knowledge, there is no universal standardized

Babar Kayani, Sujith Konan, Atif Ayuob, Salamah Ayyad, and Fares S. Haddad

conventional manual THA. 18 , 19 Conceptually, improved accuracy of implant positioning and greater precision in restoring hip biomechanics with robotic THA will translate to further improvements in functional outcomes and implant survivorship. However

Matthew Barrett, Anoop Prasad, Louis Boyce, Sebastian Dawson-Bowling, Pramod Achan, Steven Millington, and Sammy A. Hanna

infections, dislocations and instability. 18 – 20 However, the clinical and functional outcomes of morbidly obese patients following primary THA remain unclear. Some studies have reported no significant difference in post-operative outcomes between obese