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Bruno Direito-Santos, Guilherme França, Jóni Nunes, André Costa, Eurico Bandeira Rodrigues, A. Pedro Silva, and Pedro Varanda

labral and chondral damage at the moment of hip flexion; the pincer type is characterized by an exaggerated covering of the acetabular margins with consequent damage to the head, metaphysis or femoral neck. 1 , 5 The biomechanical knowledge inherent

Horacio Caviglia, Adrian Mejail, Maria Eulalia Landro, and Nosratolah Vatani

Introduction Acetabular fractures are infrequent fractures with an incidence of 3/100 000 per year. 1 Judet and Letournel 2 , 3 were the first to describe treatment for acetabular fractures. Their surgical treatment was based on

Julia Riemenschneider, Jan Tilmann Vollrath, Nils Mühlenfeld, Johannes Frank, Ingo Marzi, and Maren Janko

Acetabular fracture treatment needs in the elderly and nonagenarians Relevance of acetabular fractures in the elderly Acetabular fractures are relevant injuries not only in young patients, but also in adults and the elderly population

Christof Audretsch, Alexander Trulson, Andreas Höch, Steven C Herath, Tina Histing, Markus A Küper, and Working Group on Pelvic Fractures of the German Trauma Society

Introduction Acetabular fractures are rare injuries with an incidence of 3/100,000/year ( 1 , 2 ). Therefore, therapy is often challenging, even for experienced trauma surgeons. The standard therapy used to be non-operative treatment for a

Dominic Davenport and Venu Kavarthapu

arthroplasty and found the additional cost of a dislocation within six weeks of surgery is 342% of the primary cost. 3 Following primary THA, complications may occur as a result of incorrect component positioning of the femoral stem, the acetabular cup or

Peter Luca DiGiovanni, Xavier Gasparutto, Stéphane Armand, and Didier Hannouche

depicted in Fig. 1 of the Appendix. Femoral offset is defined by the distance from the center of the femoral head to the line bisecting the long axis of the femur. For acetabular offset, there exist several definitions used by the literature that will be

Antomio Capone, Marcella Peri, and Michele Mastio

Introduction As the elderly patient population continues to sustain a more active lifestyle, the incidence of pelvic and acetabular fractures in the elderly is on the rise. Epidemiological studies have demonstrated that the incidence of such

Luca Pierannunzii and Luigi Zagra

acetabular side any bone defect might severely affect the chance of achieving an adequate component stability, and an acceptable reconstruction of the hip anatomy and of the centre of rotation. Acetabular bone deficiencies are almost always managed with bone

K Venkatadass, V Durga Prasad, Nasser Mohammed Mansor Al Ahmadi, and S Rajasekaran

far as the acetabular side procedures are concerned, ambiguity still exists regarding the remodeling capacity of acetabulum, ideal age for pelvic osteotomy (PO), type of PO, safety and long-term radiological and clinical outcomes of each type of

Jonathan M. R. French, Paul Bramley, Sean Scattergood, and Nemandra A. Sandiford

a small femoral head articulating within a mobile polyethylene liner, that itself articulates within a fixed acetabular shell. These components improve stability by increasing the head–neck ratio, range of motion, and jump distance. 7 Several