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K Venkatadass, V Durga Prasad, Nasser Mohammed Mansor Al Ahmadi, and S Rajasekaran

acetabular index (AI) at follow-up is directly related to the age at an initial reduction ( 14 ). Salter and Dubos have stated that acetabular remodeling cannot be ensured after the age of 18 months ( 15 ). Others have suggested that remodeling may occur up

Matías Sepúlveda, Cecilia Téllez, Víctor Villablanca, and Estefanía Birrer

population ( 12 ). Obstetric trauma is a rare cause of distal femur fracture. It usually corresponds to a Salter–Harris I physeal lesion, which is frequently misdiagnosed as dislocation, septic arthritis, osteomyelitis, or pseudo-paralysis ( 3 , 4 ). The

Benjamín Cancino, Matías Sepúlveda, and Estefanía Birrer

cases. 24 Fig. 10 Radiography (A) and computed tomography (B, C) of the right ankle of an 11-year-old girl with a Salter–Harris type III fracture with joint involvement. The role of MRI remains uncertain, and it does not have a

Jennette Higgs, Emma Derbyshire, and Kathryn Styles

interventions (518 vs 1284 mg calcium and 3.9 vs 11.2 g salt). Moderately high salt intake (11.2 g/day) elicited a significant increase in urinary calcium excretion (p = 0.0008) and significantly affected bone calcium balance with the high calcium diet (p

Ignacio Rodriguez, Matías Sepúlveda, Estefanía Birrer, and María Jesús Tuca

avulsion fracture of the proximal physis of the tibia ( Fig. 11 ). 21 In 2003, McKoy also added a ‘type V’ fracture to further classify an Ogden IIIB fracture which was associated with a Salter–Harris type IV fracture of the proximal tibia. 22

Alfonso Vaquero-Picado, Gaspar González-Morán, Enrique Gil Garay, and Luis Moraleda

osteotomies). The first group is composed of reorientation osteotomies (Salter, triple osteotomy, periacetabular osteotomy (PAO)) and acetabuloplasties that alter the morphology (Dega or San Diego, Pemberton). Whether these osteotomies can be used in unstable

Thomas J. Holme, Marta Karbowiak, Magnus Arnander, and Yael Gelfer

-OI: 4 high energy Salter Harris and displacement Not stated 28 months Karlsson et al 12 Case series 23 11.0 Low energy: 13; High energy 10 Horne and Tanzer and displacement ≥ 4 mm displacement 19 years Kim et al 8

Young Yi and Woochun Lee

2001 ; 134 : 541 - 549 . 9 Salter RB , Field P . The effects of continuous compression on living articular cartilage: an experimental investigation . J Bone Joint Surg [Am] 1960 ; 42-A : 31 - 49 . 10 Evans CH

Josep Muñoz Vives, Jean-Christophe Bel, Arantxa Capel Agundez, Francisco Chana Rodríguez, José Palomo Traver, Morten Schultz-Larsen, and Theodoros Tosounidis

equivalent to Salter-Harris type II injuries, in a six-year-old patient who was managed by closed reduction and percutaneous fixation with Kirschner (K-) wires. The authors pointed out the need for anatomical reduction of the physeal injury in these rare

Pablo A. Slullitel, José I. Oñativia, Martin A. Buttaro, Marisa L. Sánchez, Fernando Comba, Gerardo Zanotti, and Francisco Piccaluga

. Multiple hip intra-articular steroid injections increase risk of periprosthetic joint infection compared with single injections . J Arthroplasty 2017 ; 32 ( 6 ): 1980 - 1983 . 23. Salt E Wiggins AT Rayens MK