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Farhan Syed and Anthony Ugwuoke

interest in total ankle arthroplasty. 1 In this article, we look at recent outcomes derived from various joint registries and research papers to discuss the current indications, trends and survival of ankle arthroplasty. Search methodology

Bryant Ho and Judith Baumhauer

. Metallic implants attempted to replicate total hip and total knee designs in the first MTP joint. They consisted of a cobalt-chrome metatarsal prosthesis with a polyeythene insert and a titanium proximal phalanx prosthesis. While patients reported moderate

Xavier Crevoisier, Mathieu Assal, and Katarina Stanekova

symptomatic ankle osteoarthritis is nine times less frequent than that of the knee and the hip. Ankle osteoarthrosis is associated with pain and gait alteration. 7 , 8 Conservative treatment includes medication and orthotics. Ankle arthrodesis and total

Mario Herrera-Pérez, Victor Valderrabano, Alexandre L Godoy-Santos, César de César Netto, David González-Martín, and Sergio Tejero

, avascular necrosis of the talus (above 50%), and osteoporosis ( 59 , 60 ). Unlike total knee and total hip arthroplasty, in severe malalignment deformity cases, bony and soft tissue realignment procedures might be needed to restore a more normal mechanical

Young Yi and Woochun Lee

arthritis with minimal talar tilt. However, these approaches give unpredictable results in cases of more advanced ankle arthritis. 2 Total ankle arthroplasty or arthrodesis are performed for end-stage ankle arthritis. Ankle arthrodesis provides pain

Gherardo Pagliazzi, Enrico De Pieri, Michèle Kläusler, Morgan Sangeux, and Elke Viehweger

Hosseini Nasab SH Smith CR Schütz P Postolka B List R Taylor WR . Elongation patterns of the collateral ligaments after total knee arthroplasty are dominated by the knee flexion angle . Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 2019 7 323

Victor Lu, Maria Tennyson, Andrew Zhou, Ravi Patel, Mary D Fortune, Azeem Thahir, and Matija Krkovic

correlation with better OMAS. Some studies report no difference in PROMs between men and women ( 65 , 66 ). However, studies on hip arthroplasty for osteoarthritic patients report that females achieved better outcomes than males ( 67 ), agreeing with our

George D Chloros, Christos D Kakos, Ioannis K Tastsidis, Vasileios P Giannoudis, Michalis Panteli, and Peter V Giannoudis

of the bone structure associated with total hip arthroplasty . PLoS ONE 2014 9 e91058. ( ) 119 D’Hooghe P Caravelli S Massimi S Calder J Dzendrowskyj P Zaffagnini S . A novel method for