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Lars B. Dahlin and Mikael Wiberg

specific problem is nerve injuries in combination with closed, but comminuted and dislocated, fractures. 26 In most of the cases with a mid-shaft humerus fracture and a concomitant radial nerve injury, complete functional recovery of the nerve is seen

Jonny K. Andersson

Approximately 5% of all wrist sprains have an associated SL tear. 7 , 8 SLL injuries are often associated with distal radius fracture (40% of the cases on average), particularly fractures of the radial styloid, the so-called Chauffeur’s fracture ( Fig. 2

Jonny K Andersson, Pelle Gustafson, and Philippe Kopylov

settled claims after misdiagnosed/maltreated scaphoid fractures. Type of complication Number Pseudarthrosis 71 Secondary degenerative arthritis 12 Sensory nerve injury 5 Synovitis 3 Carpal tunnel

Lorenzo Massimo Oldrini, Pietro Feltri, Jacopo Albanese, Stefano Lucchina, Giuseppe Filardo, and Christian Candrian

the percentage of each complication, out of the total, for each approach. Complications ORIF CR Major  CTS 15.6% 11.0%  Nerve injury 11.5% 5.6%  Deep infection 4.1% 0.0%  Tendon rupture

Toni Luokkala, Minna K. Laitinen, Teemu P. Hevonkorpi, Lauri Raittio, Ville M. Mattila, and Antti P. Launonen

rupture/tenosynovitis Wound healing problem or infection Carpal tunnel syndrome and/or release Nerve injury CRPS Delayed union d / Nonunion Publication C I C I C I C I C I C I C I C I C I

Elena Bravo, Raul Barco, and E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán

. Bleeding episodes induce musculo-skeletal damage through a cytotoxic effect on cartilage. Depending on the severity of the condition, bleeding may be caused by minor injury or may follow major operations or injury to the affected region. 4 , 5

Dimitrios A. Flevas, Sophia Syngouna, Emmanouel Fandridis, Sotirios Tsiodras, and Andreas F. Mavrogenis

. 12 An infection in Parona’s space may result from spread of an infection from either the radial or ulnar bursa. 1 Microbiology Most hand infections result from injuries occurring at home or in the workplace and involve Gram