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Keith Tucker, Klaus-Peter Günther, Per Kjaersgaard-Andersen, Jörg Lützner, Jan Philippe Kretzer, Rob G.H.H. Nelissen, Toni Lange, and Luigi Zagra

, confirmed the practice as being contemporary in many countries, mainly involving THA, but, as demonstrated in Table 1 , we found that it has also been reported in total shoulder replacement and in TKA operations where the patella from one manufacturer has

Vinzenz Auersperg and Klemens Trieb

Patella V . A volleyball player with bilateral knee osteochondritis dissecans treated with extracorporeal shock wave therapy . Chir Organi Mov 2009 ; 93 : 37 – 41 . 46. Marx S Thiele R . Fallvorstellung der

Javier Masquijo and Alpesh Kothari

In a large multicentre study, 17 77% of lesions affected the medial femoral condyle (51% on the lateral aspect, 19% on the central aspect and 7% on the medial aspect), 17% affected the lateral femoral condyle, 7% affected the patella, 1% were