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Charles Rivière, Stefan Lazic, Loïc Villet, Yann Wiart, Sarah Muirhead Allwood, and Justin Cobb

more evenly sharing the loading between medial and lateral tibial plateaus. 1 All of these things aim to optimize long-term implant survivorship. Also, it aligns the extensor mechanism, which reduces the risk of patella instability. 2 , 3 Fig

Andy Craig, S W King, B H van Duren, V T Veysi, S Jain, and J Palan

Mechanical complications (inter-stage) Eradication rate Chiang et al . (64) PC 45 40 Dynamic, moulded ( n   = 23) Static, handmade ( n   = 22) – HSS and ROM better with dynamic group Group B: Increased patella baja and more likely