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Carlos A. Encinas-Ullán, José M. Martínez-Diez, and E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán

avoid patient discomfort. With unilateral modular assemblies, manual reduction can be delayed until said frame is assembled and alignment changes are made easier than with a simple unilateral assembly. The modular assembly consists of placing two pins in

Elisa Pala, Alberto Procura, Giulia Trovarelli, Antonio Berizzi, and Pietro Ruggieri

nail removal, proximal femur resection, and reconstruction with modular prosthesis ( Fig. 3 ). We did not observe any implant failure in Group A. Figure 3 (A) A 66-year-old female with multiple metastases from breast cancer; pathologic subtro

Nikolaos Patsiogiannis, Nikolaos K. Kanakaris, and Peter V. Giannoudis

tapered fluted modular titanium stem (TFMT) 41 , 77 , 78 +/- adjuvant fixation (cables, plates, struts) if advocated. Revision arthroplasty of the acetabular component might take please if required. Cemented stems can also be used, usually for the

Faustine Vallon and Axel Gamulin

in this instance with a trochanter stabilizing plate, which is a modular extension of a four-hole DHS. 22 , 23 Published data also showed that fractures with a large posteromedial fragment implying loss of the calcar buttress were too unstable to

Gerhard M. Hobusch, Kevin Döring, Rickard Brånemark, and Reinhard Windhager

in a rural setting in Indonesia. A main goal was that measurement, manufacturing and fitting could be performed in one. Therefore, a modular socket system, produced directly on the residual limb, was tested in a quantitative longitudinal study