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Jetske Viveen, Izaak F. Kodde, Andras Heijink, Koen L. M. Koenraadt, Michel P. J. van den Bekerom, and Denise Eygendaal

Introduction Since the introduction of the radial head prosthesis (RHP) in 1941, 1 many alterations in designs and materials have been proposed and tried that have varied in terms of material, fixation technique, modularity, and polarity

Thomas Kozak, Stefan Bauer, Gilles Walch, Saad Al-karawi, and William Blakeney

rate of revision in RTSAs with concomitant bone grafting compared to those that did not require bone grafting (24% vs. 7% five-year revision rate) in a series of 143 revision RTSAs. 26 Many shoulder arthroplasty systems now use a modular humeral

Patrick Goetti, Patrick J. Denard, Philippe Collin, Mohamed Ibrahim, Adrien Mazzolari, and Alexandre Lädermann

that 22% are either < 130 degrees or > 140 degrees. 26 Thus, fixed NSA humeral stems rely on surgeons to adapt their surgical techniques to accommodate patient anatomy. Modern modular systems provide centred and eccentric humeral heads as well as

Marko Nabergoj, Patrick J. Denard, Philippe Collin, Rihard Trebše, and Alexandre Lädermann

components, modular stem or polyethylene disassociations, or glenoid screw problems. 19 Meanwhile, they defined a ‘problem’ as an intraoperative or postoperative event that was not likely to affect the patient’s final outcome. They considered these to

Izaäk F. Kodde, Jetske Viveen, Bertram The, Roger P. van Riet, and Denise Eygendaal

modularity. Over the last decades, many different types of RHP have been developed, with various combinations of these properties. For most types of RHP the results have only been reported in a few articles. Some prostheses have been taken off the market

Heri Suroto, Brigita De Vega, Fani Deapsari, Tabita Prajasari, Pramono Ari Wibowo, and Steven K. Samijo

suture-cerclages (no. 5) and wire-cerclages. 3 Giardella et al, 2017 27 PHILOS angle-stable plate (Depuy Synthes, Switzerland). Tuberosity reconstruction (+) with non-absorbable wires. SMR™ Reverse modular shoulder system (Lima Corporate

Daniel Bachman and Akin Cil

manufactured by Wright Medical Technology (Arlington, TN, USA), and formerly by Tornier (St Ismier, France). The general design concept is a modular spool and stem combination to re-create the articular surface and mechanical support of the distal humerus. The

Julia Sußiek, Philipp A. Michel, Michael J. Raschke, Benedikt Schliemann, and J. Christoph Katthagen

patients CMS: 44.4 FF: 104° ABD: 88° ER: 28° 5x healed fracture 1x UniverseRevers® (Arthrex Swiss AG, Belp-Bern, Switzerland);3x PROMOS® (Smith & Nephew Orthopedics AG, Rotkreuz, Switzerland);1x SMRTM Reverse Modular Shoulder System (LimaCorporate S

Raul Barco, Olga D. Savvidou, John W. Sperling, Joaquín Sanchez-Sotelo, and Robert H. Cofield

evaluation to assess for the correct length of the arm at the time of arthroplasty. Intra-operative assessment of stability and impingement are advisable in all cases. 31 When encountered, modern modular designs allow for a number of alternatives to