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Giuseppe Solarino, Giovanni Vicenti, Massimiliano Carrozzo, Guglielmo Ottaviani, Biagio Moretti, and Luigi Zagra

procedure is not entirely failure-free and new designs are continually developing. 2 , 3 In the late 20th century, a new design has been introduced: the modular neck (MN) femoral stem. It is intended to give the surgeon the possibility to improve

Jonathan M. R. French, Paul Bramley, Sean Scattergood, and Nemandra A. Sandiford

studies have reported lower dislocation rates with DM implants, most marked in revision arthroplasty. 4 , 8 , 9 Modular dual-mobility The original, ‘anatomical’ dual-mobility (ADM) constructs use a monoblock acetabular shell, lacking a central

Michael M. Morlock, Robert Hube, Georgi Wassilew, Felix Prange, Gerd Huber, and Carsten Perka

Corrosion at modular taper junctions has been a known phenomenon for the last 30 years. Interestingly the first paper addressing the issue came to the conclusion that ‘there should be no occurrence of long-term in-vivo fretting corrosion’ of heads

Pablo A. Slullitel, José I. Oñativia, Martin A. Buttaro, Marisa L. Sánchez, Fernando Comba, Gerardo Zanotti, and Francisco Piccaluga

prosthetic modular components; that is, the femoral head and acetabular insert. 54 However, this step is not always possible since implant availability depends on the existence of a prosthesis bank at the institution where the surgery takes place

Khaled M. Sarraf, Ravi Popat, Kathryn L. Kneale, Rajarshi Bhattacharya, Manoj Ramachandran, Pramod Achan, and Sammy A. Hanna

trochanter fracture ( n = 1, 0.4%), modular neck fracture ( n = 1, 0.4%) and unexplained pain ( n = 1, 0.4%). Revision rate There were 32 failures in total necessitating revision surgery in the 268 cases (11.9%). Seven hip resurfacings failed

Luigi Zagra

evaluated when considering the cause of failure of a THA. 36 Retrieval studies show that “by using a ceramic head, CoCr fretting and corrosion from the modular head-neck taper may be mitigated although not completely eliminated” 37 and metal

Christiaan P. van Lingen, Luigi M. Zagra, Harmen B. Ettema, and Cees C. Verheyen

to several apparent advantages: preservation and conservation of bone stock on the femoral side (but not the acetabular side); 16 - 20 easier replication of biomechanics and limb length; and the absence of modular components with a taper

Mattia Loppini and Guido Grappiolo

and the mean rate of stress shielding was 26.9% (5.2% to 66%) in 556 hips. 16 , 22 , 26 , 28 , 31 Metaphyseal total hip arthroplasty (METHA) The METHA (Aesculap) is an uncemented neck-retaining monoblock or modular stem ( Fig. 2 ). It is

Ashoklal Ramavath, Jonathan N. Lamb, Jeya Palan, Hemant G. Pandit, and Sameer Jain

. (b) Unstable transverse B1 periprosthetic femoral fracture treated with extended trochanteric osteotomy to remove proximal cement, modular tapered cementless stem and cement-in-cement constrained acetabular component exchange. Outcome of

Konrad Sebastian Wronka, Michell Gerard-Wilson, Elizabeth Peel, Ola Rolfson, and Peter Herman Johan Cnudde

modular head exchanges, liner exchanges or cementing liners in well-fixed shells, cement-in-cement revision techniques. However, sometimes the surgical team is left with no other choice than to remove well-fixed femoral implants or the complete cement