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Felix H. Savoie and Michael O’Brien

. Fig. 1 Summary of medial ulnar collateral ligament (MUCL) allograft reconstruction. Fig. 2 Anatomy of the medial ulnar collateral ligament (MUCL) via a muscle-split approach. History and physical examination The most

Megan Conti Mica, Pieter Caekebeke, and Roger van Riet

tendons including palmaris longus, plantaris, Achilles, triceps, semitendinosus or gracilis. All are of sufficient strength to reconstruct the LCL complex. 17 The open technique of lateral ligament reconstruction uses an incision centred over the

Joaquín Sanchez-Sotelo and Mark Morrey

migrate posteriorly with the distal forearm or it may disassociate from the ulna (Monteggia equivalent). Most of the time, ligamentous disruption occurs through bone fragments, so that once the bones are fixed, ligament repair or reconstruction is not

Evrim Sirin, Nuri Aydin, and Osman Mert Topkar

interest in arthroscopic management of these injuries. 17 Many techniques have been described and they are principally addressed to repair CC ligaments. However, proper management requires reconstruction of the AC ligament as well as the superior joint

John Edwin, Shahbaz Ahmed, Shobhit Verma, Graham Tytherleigh-Strong, Karthik Karuppaiah, and Joydeep Sinha

the SCJ can be carried out by either direct suturing/fixation or ligament reconstruction of the SCJ. Direct repair of the SC and costoclavicular ligaments is a technique that can be used in acute cases using a variety of suture materials, anchors

Patrick Goetti, Patrick J. Denard, Philippe Collin, Mohamed Ibrahim, Pierre Hoffmeyer, and Alexandre Lädermann

a lever arm on the joint. To be efficient, such a system requires a stable fulcrum. The necessary stability is provided by static and dynamic factors such as bony contours, ligaments, labrum, capsule, etc. The specificity of biomechanically

Raul Barco and Samuel A. Antuña

osteochondral injuries or loose bodies, are generally treated by arthroscopy prior to formal reconstruction of the ligament ( Fig. 5 ). 27 Fig. 5 Loose bodies and osteophytes are removed arthroscopically in a patient with chronic medial collateral

Daniel Bachman and Akin Cil

polished cobalt- chrome metal spool is shaped to mimic the native capitellum and trochlea. The stem has medial and lateral fins as well as an anterior flange to provide additional rotational stability. Reconstruction or repair of the medial and lateral

Alexandre Lädermann, Jérome Tirefort, Davide Zanchi, Sven Haller, Caecilia Charbonnier, Pierre Hoffmeyer, and Gregory Cunningham

1999 ; 4 ( 4 ): 187 - 195 . 58. Kvist J Ek A Sporrstedt K Good L . Fear of re-injury: a hindrance for returning to sports after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction . Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc

Luciano A. Rossi, Ignacio Tanoira, Franco Luis De Cicco, and Maximiliano Ranalletta

Introduction Among the techniques available for glenoid reconstruction in patients with glenoid bone deficiency, the most widely used is the Latarjet procedure. 1 , 2 This technique, described in 1954 by Michael Latarjet, consists of