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Martin Clementson, Anders Björkman, and Niels O. B. Thomsen

Introduction Post-traumatic radial-sided wrist pain is common and can represent a fracture, wrist sprain, ligament disruption or a combination of injuries. Previous studies have shown that a scaphoid fracture is the most common fracture among

Reinier Feitz, Yara E. van Kooij, Marloes H. P. ter Stege, Mark J. W. van der Oest, J. Sebastiaan Souer, Robbert M. Wouters, Harm P. Slijper, Ruud W. Selles, Steven E. R. Hovius, and Hand–Wrist Study Group

three commonly performed surgeries: trapeziectomy, CTR, and three-ligament tendon reconstruction of the wrist. For each treatment, medical outcome is shown for the individual physician relative to the overall average. The graphs used are similar to the

Abdus S. Burahee, Andrew D. Sanders, Colin Shirley, and Dominic M. Power

the medial collateral ligament (MCL) of the elbow joint capsule. The roof is formed by Osborne’s fascia with a thickened proximal edge termed Osborne’s band. Distally the fascial roof merges with the aponeurosis between the humeral and ulnar heads of

Maik Sliepen, Matthijs Lipperts, Marianne Tjur, and Inger Mechlenburg

count as activity or outcome parameters. Time spent in MVPA has been used in the assessment of knee osteoarthritis and anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery. 15 , 30 , 31 Time spent in different postures and activities has further been

Thomas J. Holme, Marta Karbowiak, Jennifer Clements, Ritesh Sharma, Johnathan Craik, and Najab Ellahee

comparative studies The resection arthroplasty groups underwent trapeziectomy with ligament reconstruction and tendon interposition (LRTI) using flexor carpi radialis (FCR) in five studies, 9 , 10 , 13 , 21 , 48 abductor pollicis longus (APL) in two

Christian Smith, Razi Zaidi, Jagmeet Bhamra, Anna Bridgens, Caesar Wek, and Michail Kokkinakis

; TA = tendo-Achilles or triceps surae soft tissue procedure; AN = accessory navicular excision; SL = spring ligament reconstruction; FWB = full weight-bearing; PWB = partial weight-bearing; WB = walking boot; WC = walking cast; /52 = weeks; SM

Sitanshu Barik and Sebastian Farr

metatarsal ligament, consequently leading to altered forefoot contact with the ground and excessive pressure. 22 Additionally, in brachymetatarsia of the first metatarsal, the effectiveness of the ‘toe-off’ phase of the gait cycle is reduced, which may

Abdus S. Burahee, Andrew D. Sanders, and Dominic M. Power

flexor origin is elevated off the medial epicondyle sufficiently to ensure the entire prominence is exposed distally, without disturbing the medial collateral ligament. A triangular section of the distal medial intermuscular septum (MIS) is removed