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Ulrike Wittig, Gloria Hohenberger, Martin Ornig, Reinhard Schuh, Andreas Leithner, and Patrick Holweg

Broström–Gould technique has been the preferred technique for lateral ankle ligament repair. First described in 1980, it comprises direct reconstruction of the ATFL and CFL by enhancement with the joint capsule and use of the inferior extensor retinaculum

Nuno Corte-Real and João Caetano

the fibula to achieve the repair and consequent healing of the ligament. The ligament reconstruction with tendon graft is also an anatomic repair, being crucial that the graft has the same orientation, insertion and tension of the natural ligaments

Jorge de-las-Heras Romero, Ana María Lledó Alvarez, Fernando Moreno Sanchez, Alejandro Perez Garcia, Pedro Antonio Garcia Porcel, Raul Valverde Sarabia, and Marina Hernandez Torralba

Introduction The term syndesmotic injury is used to describe a lesion of the ligaments that connect the distal fibula and the tibial notch surrounded on both sides by the anterior and posterior tibial tubercles, with or without an associated

José Nuno Ferreira, João Vide, Daniel Mendes, João Protásio, Rui Viegas, and Manuel Resende Sousa

– 878 . 10. Yasuda T Shima H Mori K Tsujinaka S Neo M . Simultaneous reconstruction of the medial and lateral collateral ligaments for chronic combined ligament injuries of the ankle . Am J Sports Med

Michael J. Raschke, Christoph Kittl, and Christoph Domnick

-mineralised tibial head, fractures of the medial compartment appeared more often in multi-part tibial-head dislocation-type injuries. 1 , 9 Iatrogenic partial tibial fractures have been reported in a few cases after ligament reconstruction surgery and high

Young Yi and Woochun Lee

. 2 The treatment for ankle arthritis varies according to the cause and severity of the cartilage degeneration. For example, arthroscopic debridement, spur excision or ligament reconstruction have been attempted for early-stage degenerative

Carlos Maynou, Christophe Szymanski, and Alexis Thiounn

our experience, MRI or ultrasound are rarely used except to address a severe peroneal tendinopathy when a lateral ligament reconstruction is considered. 13 Also, CT scan or more often single photon-emission computed tomography combined with CT are

Kinner Davda, Karan Malhotra, Paul O’Donnell, Dishan Singh, and Nicholas Cullen

Introduction Pathological abnormality of the peroneal tendons is an under-appreciated source of lateral hindfoot pain and dysfunction that can be difficult to distinguish from lateral ankle ligament injuries. In a study by Dombek et al, 1

Fabian Krause and Helen Anwander

threshold for additional surgical steps, that is, ligament repair or reconstruction and bony realignment procedures, should be low. ICMJE Conflict of Interest Statement F K reports receiving consultancy fees from Zimmer and Lecture fees from

Xavier Crevoisier, Mathieu Assal, and Katarina Stanekova

ligament reconstruction) and a protective bony procedure (i.e. medial displacement osteotomy of the greater tuberosity of the calcaneus or lengthening of the lateral column) ( Figs 10 and 11 ). The above-mentioned procedures are the most frequently