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Daniel Murphy, Mohsen Raza, Hiba Khan, Deborah M. Eastwood, and Yael Gelfer

; participant age; follow-up time; previous treatments; intervention trialled; and treatment outcomes. Selected outcomes collected were: plantigrade status; ankle range of motion (ROM); radiographic outcomes; clinical scoring outcomes; functional outcomes

Thomas J. Holme, Marta Karbowiak, Jennifer Clements, Ritesh Sharma, Johnathan Craik, and Najab Ellahee

instability. Discussion Thumb CMCJ prosthetic total joint replacement outcomes have now been published with fair to good long-term functional outcomes, and demonstrate encouraging clinical outcomes in comparative studies with resection arthroplasty

Reinier Feitz, Yara E. van Kooij, Marloes H. P. ter Stege, Mark J. W. van der Oest, J. Sebastiaan Souer, Robbert M. Wouters, Harm P. Slijper, Ruud W. Selles, Steven E. R. Hovius, and Hand–Wrist Study Group

Introduction Routine outcome measurements have been the mantra in healthcare for the past ten years and have been instigated to yield better outcomes. 1 However, in order to improve care, the outcome measurements must alter the way

Frederique J. Hafkamp, Taco Gosens, Jolanda de Vries, and Brenda L. den Oudsten

functional outcome] . Chirurg 2011 ; 82 : 618 – 624 . 7. Söderman P Malchau H Herberts P Zügner R Regnér H Garellick G . Outcome after total hip arthroplasty: Part II. Disease-specific follow

Christian Smith, Razi Zaidi, Jagmeet Bhamra, Anna Bridgens, Caesar Wek, and Michail Kokkinakis

outcomes of Kalix II in treating juvenile flexible flatfoot . Orthop Surg 2017 ; 9 : 20 – 27 . 17. Caravaggi P Lullini G Berti L Giannini S Leardini A . Functional evaluation of bilateral subtalar

Abdus S. Burahee, Andrew D. Sanders, Colin Shirley, and Dominic M. Power

potential (CMAP). However, there is a 10% false-negative rate as only a few functional axons are required for a ‘normal’ study. 27 Higher CMAP amplitude predicts greater improvement in patients’ self-reported outcome measure. 28 The current data

Maik Sliepen, Matthijs Lipperts, Marianne Tjur, and Inger Mechlenburg

fuller picture of the patient’s status before or after an intervention. In other words, the clinician’s toolbox can be expanded with a clinically important outcome measure and the clinician can combine results from functional tests with activity

Anne J. Spaans, C.M. (Lilian) Donders, J.H.J.M. (Gert) Bessems, and Christiaan J.A. van Bergen

conclusion could me made about the relation between the duration of symptoms and the functional outcome. Radiological results Herndon et al found normal radiographs. 9 Complications Kaziz et al concluded that no specific complications such

Bülent Atilla and Hande Güney-Deniz

and follow the same principles as used for standard modern operative treatment techniques under appropriate coverage of clotting factor concentrates. Expectations for healing and functional outcome should be the same as in non-haemophiliacs. 18

Javier Masquijo and Alpesh Kothari

Yaniv M et al. Functional and radiographic outcome of juvenile osteochondritis dissecans of the knee treated with transarticular arthroscopic drilling . Am J Sports Med 2001 ; 29 ( 5 ): 562 – 566 . doi: 10.1177/03635465010290050701 67