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Dieter Wirtz and Hendrik Kohlhof

orthopaedic procedures, older adult patients, especially with co-morbidities, need a more intensive level of care than younger patients during the pre- peri- and post-operative periods. 2 – 4 Pre-operative management In the pre-operative period the

E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán

provision of the missing coagulation factor, haemorrhages can be controlled and conservative orthopaedic management can usually terminate the episode without any long-term complications. Should the haemorrhage persist or a re-bleed occur, intra

Leonard Christianto Singjie, Reynaldo Halomoan, Ifran Saleh, Endrotomo Sumargono, and Erica Kholinne

thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) are the most common forms of VTE incidence, causing significant morbidity and mortality ( 1 ). VTE in major orthopedic surgery is caused by several prothrombotic mechanisms, such as vein injury, coagulation

Stavros Tsotsolis, Eustathios Kenanidis, Vasileios F Pegios, Michael Potoupnis, and Eleftherios Tsiridis

in shortening clot lysis time ( 30 ). The role of thyroid insufficiency on coagulation factor synthesis and function is emphasized by the reversal of the acquired von Willebrand Syndrome (aVWS) seen after thyroid hormone replacement therapy ( 29

Dimitrios A. Flevas, Panayiotis D. Megaloikonomos, Leonidas Dimopoulos, Evanthia Mitsiokapa, Panayiotis Koulouvaris, and Andreas F. Mavrogenis

management of venous thromboembolism. SIGN publication no. 122 . Edinburgh : SIGN ; 2010 . 17. Anderson FA Jr Spencer FA. Risk factors for venous thromboembolism . Circulation 2003 ; 107 ( suppl 1 ): I9 - I16 . 18

Thomas Collins, Dinesh Alexander, and Bilal Barkatali

coagulation cascade of collected blood. Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) suppresses platelet degranulation and therefore is not recommended for PRP. Conversely, heparin can cause spontaneous aggregation of platelets in some individuals. Anticoagulant

Giorgio Perino, Ivan De Martino, Lingxin Zhang, Zhidao Xia, Jiri Gallo, Shonali Natu, David Langton, Monika Huber, Anastasia Rakow, Janosch Schoon, Enrique Gomez-Barrena, and Veit Krenn

involved in the diagnosis and management of ALTR/ARMD and of clarification of the parameters used in the proposed semi-quantitative scoring systems for its classification has been recently emphasized. 37 The aims of this review article on the