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Alfonso Vaquero-Picado, Gaspar González-Morán, Enrique Gil Garay, and Luis Moraleda

Introduction The term ‘developmental dysplasia of the hip’ (DDH) includes a wide spectrum of hip alterations: neonatal instability; acetabular dysplasia; hip subluxation; and true dislocation of the hip. 1 – 3 Looseness or laxity within

Ioannis Gkiatas, Anastasia Boptsi, Dimitra Tserga, Ioannis Gelalis, Dimitrios Kosmas, and Emilios Pakos

Introduction Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH), also known by the preceding term congenital dislocation of the hip (CDH), is one of the most prevalent congenital malformations. 1 , 2 DDH has a wide spectrum of anatomical

Maurizio De Pellegrin, Lucrezia Montanari, Desiree Moharamzadeh, and Oliver Eberhardt

hip (DDH). Fleissner in 1994, in an article regarding closed reduction of the hip, proposed an arthrographic classification in order to give an assessment of success (or lack of it) of the reduction. 5 Carlioz and Felipe, in an article in 1982

Mohsen Raza, Daniel Murphy, and Yael Gelfer

Kalenderer et al, 2019 19 Turkey Prospective case series / 4 10.0 2 Perthes, DDH Femur (proximal) ✓ Not stated ✓ – Development of AVN – Complications – Operation time – Blood loss 12 3 Wei et al, 2019 20