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Nuri Aydin, Mahmut Enes Kayaalp, Mustafa Asansu, and Bedri Karaismailoglu

circumstances, notable clinical signs and radiographic evidence. 3 In up to 79% of cases, the diagnosis is made only once the injury has become chronic and the shoulder has been locked, which unfortunately has a negative effect on prognosis. McLaughlin

Duncan Avis and Dominic Power

demyelination. These injuries will generally have an excellent prognosis with complete recovery by 12 weeks. If there is further injury, a low-grade injury may fail to heal should the insult continue, such as in ongoing ischaemia secondary to persistent

Michele Boffano, Stefano Mortera, and Raimondo Piana

, Relovszky E . Prognosis of primary dislocation of the shoulder . Acta Orthop Scand 1969 ; 40 : 216 - 224 . 3 Rowe CR . Prognosis in dislocations of the shoulder . J Bone Joint Surg [Am] 1956 ; 38-A : 957 - 977 . 4

Alexandre Lädermann, Stephen S. Burkhart, Pierre Hoffmeyer, Lionel Neyton, Philippe Collin, Evan Yates, and Patrick J. Denard

unsuccessful, as a large bony defect significantly lowers the prognosis for primary repair. 8 Therefore, reconstruction of this combined bony and tendon defect may require both tendinous and bony reconstruction. In older patients, such insufficiency is

Jinlong Zhao, Jianke Pan, Ling-feng Zeng, Ming Wu, Weiyi Yang, and Jun Liu

used a meta-analysis to quantitatively analyse potential risk factors for full-thickness rotator cuff tears to provide a theoretical basis for clinical treatment and prognosis. Methods This meta-analysis was performed in strict accordance with

Stefan Bauer, Taro Okamoto, Stephanie M Babic, Jonathon C Coward, Charline M P L Coron, and William G Blakeney

Based on sagittal CT imaging, Goutallier et al. ( 64 ) published a bench mark classification on fatty degeneration also termed as ‘fatty infiltration’ in 1989 and 1994. Tears with stage 3 or 4 fatty degeneration have a poor prognosis for repair. A

Jonathon C Coward, Stefan Bauer, Stephanie M Babic, Charline Coron, Taro Okamoto, and William G Blakeney

location are also factors, with those at the musculotendinous junction less likely to be repairable and older tears tending to have a higher degree of fatty infiltration. Tear extension into the lower subscapularis and/or teres minor has a poor prognosis

Joaquín Sanchez-Sotelo and Mark Morrey

difference in elbow stability and prognosis? Clin Orthop Relat Res 2014 ; 472 : 2128 - 35 . PMID:24136807. 12 Pike JM , Grewal R , Athwal GS , Faber KJ , King GJ . Open reduction and internal fixation of

Jetske Viveen, Izaak F. Kodde, Andras Heijink, Koen L. M. Koenraadt, Michel P. J. van den Bekerom, and Denise Eygendaal

elbow stability and prognosis? Clin Orthop Relat Res 2014 ; 472 : 2128 – 2135 . 30. Katthagen JC Jensen G Lill H Voigt C . Monobloc radial head prostheses in complex elbow injuries: results after primary

Alexandre Lädermann, Jérome Tirefort, Davide Zanchi, Sven Haller, Caecilia Charbonnier, Pierre Hoffmeyer, and Gregory Cunningham

- 304 . 4. Hovelius L Rahme H . Primary anterior dislocation of the shoulder: long-term prognosis at the age of 40 years or younger . Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc 2016 ; 24 ( 2 ): 330 - 342 . 5. Hovelius