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Xinhuan Lei, Jie Xiang, Hailan Yang, Hongya Bao, Zhong Zhu, and Hua Luo

Introduction Surgical site infection (SSI) is a rare and serious complication of total knee arthroplasty (TKA) that can cause a poor prognosis, reduce these patients’ quality of life, and significantly increase the financial burden. Therefore

Philippe Beaufils, Roland Becker, Sebastian Kopf, Ollivier Matthieu, and Nicolas Pujol

in a very acute phase (less than 60 hrs). Non-removal of meniscus tears at the time of ACL reconstruction has been proposed. Lateral meniscus tears have a better prognosis in terms of secondary meniscectomy compared with medial meniscus tears left

E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán and Primitivo Gómez-Cardero

in the flexion position to define the association with short-term prognosis. They observed that to prevent implantation of the femoral component too laterally using a new device during UKA, knee surgeons should set the drill guide more medially, such

Maurilio Marcacci, Luca Andriolo, Elizaveta Kon, Nogah Shabshin, and Giuseppe Filardo

-term prognosis . Int Orthop 2015 . 15 Marcacci M , Andriolo L , Kon E , Filardo G . Bone marrow edema and results after cartilage repair . Ann Transl Med 2015 ; 3 : 132 . 16 Takahashi T , Tins

Jimmy Ng, Pau Balcells-Nolla, Peter J. James, and Benjamin V. Bloch

Inglis AE et al. Patellar fracture type and prognosis in condylar total knee arthroplasty . Clin Orthop Relat Res 1988 ; 236 : 115 – 122 . 27. Ortiguera CJ Berry DJ . Patellar fracture after total knee

Chilan Bou Ghosson Leite, Patricia Moreno Grangeiro, Diego Ubrig Munhoz, Pedro Nogueira Giglio, Gilberto Luis Camanho, and Riccardo Gomes Gobbi

to knee subluxation or dislocation, which is usually associated with congenital ligament dysplasia. 8 , 9 Knee subluxation/dislocation may delay or interrupt the lengthening treatment, worsening the prognosis. 7 , 10 Considering that most

Elena Gálvez-Sirvent, Aitor Ibarzábal-Gil, and E Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán

properly choose the type of treatment and ensure a good prognosis ( 20 ). Treatment The treatment options for knee stiffness are summarised in Table 2 , from least to most surgically aggressive, although these options can be used in combination