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Maria Beatriz Quaresma, José Portela, and Joaquim Soares do Brito

two of those patients (50%) moderate-to-severe osteoarthritis was identified. 12 , 14 Concerning arthritic progression from baseline, Colman et al identified a global rate of 15% – open synovectomy (0%) versus open-plus-arthroscopic synovectomy

Joaquim Soares do Brito, André Spranger, Paulo Almeida, José Portela, and Irene Barrientos-Ruiz

Author Mean ROM MSTS score Infection rate Osteoarthritis Surgical revision for other causes than LR Chen et al 15 NF 88% 0% 5 patients had severe post-op osteoarthritis ⏀ Suzuki et al 27 NF NF NF 10

Catalin Cirstoiu, Bogdan Cretu, Bogdan Serban, Zsombor Panti, and Mihai Nica

the fact that they are more accessible and come in larger sizes, there are a few important drawbacks that restrict their use: legal restrains; disease transmission and immune rejection risks; osteoarthritis for osteochondral segments; lower healing

Olga D. Savvidou, Panagiotis Koutsouradis, Ioanna K. Bolia, Angelos Kaspiris, George D. Chloros, and Panayiotis J. Papagelopoulos

. 12 , 13 Differential diagnosis includes chronic articular infection, osteoarthritis, tenosynovial giant cell tumour (TGCT), monoarticular inflammatory arthritis and synovial sarcoma. 14 The treatment consists of open or arthroscopic