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Riccardo D’Ambrosi, Nicola Ursino, Carmelo Messina, Federico Della Rocca, and Michael Tobias Hirschmann

contemporary data and available studies about anatomy, imaging, clinical testing, function and iatrogenic injury during surgery regarding the ILFL, accompanied by arthroscopic and magnetic resonance images taken from the authors’ record. This is prompted by the

Alexei Buruian, Francisco Silva Gomes, Tiago Roseiro, Claudia Vale, André Carvalho, Emanuel Seiça, Antonio Mendes, and Carlos Pereira

being lower with newer designs. 38 Iatrogenic fractures: Peri-implant fractures generally occur around the distal tip of the nail, in approximately 1.1–2.6% of cases. One of the mechanisms suggested to predispose patients to peri

Stefan Lazic, Oliver Boughton, Catherine F. Kellett, Deiary F. Kader, Loïc Villet, and Charles Rivière

  • Multimodal protocols for pain control, blood loss management and thromboprophylaxis have been shown to benefit patients by being more effective and as safe (fewer iatrogenic complications) as conventional protocols.

  • Proper patient selection and education, multimodal protocols and a well-defined clinical pathway are all key for successful day-case arthroplasty.

  • By potentially being more effective, cheaper than and as safe as inpatient arthroplasty, day-case arthroplasty might be beneficial for patients and healthcare systems.

Cite this article: EFORT Open Rev 2018;3:130-135. DOI: 10.1302/2058-5241.3.170031

Philippe Chiron and Nicolas Reina

posterior approach must be performed with reduction and osteosynthesis of the fragment as described in the following section ( 22 ). Iatrogenic femoral neck fracture: A total hip arthroplasty is to be planned as an emergency or delayed measure ( 23

Markus S. Hanke, Till D. Lerch, Florian Schmaranzer, Malin K. Meier, Simon D. Steppacher, and Klaus A. Siebenrock

ossification Grade 1–2 (Brooker) < 1–6% 119 – 122 Instrument breakage < 1% 119 , 122 , 123 Iatrogenic chondral injury 3% 119 , 124 Iatrogenic labral injury < 1–20% 119 , 125 Hypothermia 2

Christos Garnavos

may lead to an iatrogenic fracture. It is the author’s recommendation that reaming should not be repeated after the insertion of the ‘blocking’ screw, thus avoiding unpredictable stress situations during the contact of the reamer with the ‘blocking

Oliver Marin-Peña, Marc Tey-Pons, Luis Perez-Carro, Hatem G. Said, Pablo Sierra, Pedro Dantas, and Richard N. Villar

, which allows a ‘bird’s-eye’ view of the hip joint. The posterolateral (PL) portal is not routinely performed but it facilitates the access to the posterior part of the hip down to the 10 o’clock position. The main iatrogenic injury with this portal is

Konrad Sebastian Wronka, Michell Gerard-Wilson, Elizabeth Peel, Ola Rolfson, and Peter Herman Johan Cnudde

reconstruction with an uncemented implant takes place. Lerch et al 24 compared revision cases with ETO with cases without ETO and occurrence of an iatrogenic accidental femoral fracture. They reported a 14% complication rate, related to the fracture fixation

Nicolas de l’Escalopier, Marjorie Salga, Laure Gatin, François Genêt, and Philippe Denormandie

to avoid the risk of iatrogenic fracture. The principal peri-operative risk is haemorrhage, especially when the heterotopic ossification is in contact with vessels. But there is an average 300–500 cc intra-operative blood loss, and up to 1 litre

George C. Babis and Vasileios S. Nikolaou

recognize pre-existing problems such as infection, excessive bone loss, neurovascular dysfunction, malignancy, irradiation therapy, almost guarantees future complications and failures. Not recognizing the existence or the intraoperative iatrogenic creation