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Georgios Kyriakopoulos, Lazaros Poultsides, and Panayiotis Christofilopoulos

Introduction The anterior approach to the hip was originally described by Carl Hueter in 1817, in his work Der Grundriss der Chirurgie. However, it was Smith-Petersen who popularized the approach in the US and the English-speaking world, after

Pieter Bas de Witte, Christiaan J A van Bergen, Babette L de Geest, Floor Willeboordse, Joost H van Linge, Yvon M den Hartog, Magritha (Margret) M H P Foreman-van Drongelen, Renske M Pereboom, Simon G F Robben, Bart J Burger, M Adhiambo Witlox, and Melinda M E H Witbreuk

surgical reduction through a medial or anterior approach, compared to other surgical approaches of the hip? After successful reduction (closed or open): What are the (un)favorable effects of a short period of spica cast treatment compared to a longer

David Lin, Alexander Charalambous, and Sammy A. Hanna

the total THAs, five were performed via an anterior approach and the remaining 109 via a posterior approach. All patients received uncemented standard implants. A significant proportion of the THAs (84/114) were performed on completely ankylosed hips

Philippe Chiron and Nicolas Reina

, anterior part of the femoral head ( 38 ). An anterolateral or anterior approach provides better access ( 35 , 36 , 39 ). Ludloff medial approaches, modified by Ferguson ( 40 , 41 ), which pass between the adductor longus/brevis and magnus provide

George C. Babis and Vasileios S. Nikolaou

irreversibly compromising the abductor mechanism. Apart from the posterolateral approach, other authors have published good results using direct lateral with or without osteotomy approaches 21 and more recently using the direct anterior approach. 22 , 23

Giuseppe Solarino, Giovanni Vicenti, Massimiliano Carrozzo, Guglielmo Ottaviani, Biagio Moretti, and Luigi Zagra

the posterolateral in 1572 (40%) cases, a posterior approach was used in 895 (23%) cases, an antero-lateral approach in 622 (16%) cases, a direct anterior approach in 506 (13%) cases and a lateral approach in the last 275 (7%) cases. Survival

K Venkatadass, V Durga Prasad, Nasser Mohammed Mansor Al Ahmadi, and S Rajasekaran

standard anterior approach. We prefer an anterior bikini incision, which is more cosmetic and versatile. Proximally, the iliac apophysis is elevated to expose the inner and outer iliac table and distally, the Smith–Peterson interval is utilized. To protect

Luigi Zagra

anterior approach, have been widely promoted in the last few years. The promotion has been carried out by scientific, mass media and internet advertisement. There is no doubt about the good and comparable results to the other more traditional approaches

Theofilos Karachalios, George Komnos, and Antonios Koutalos

arthroplasty register. 47 Compared with the posterolateral approach, direct anterior and anterolateral approaches reduce the risk of revision for dislocation, but at the cost of more stem revisions, and revisions for other reasons. With the anterior

Prashant Singh, Suroosh Madanipour, Andreas Fontalis, Jagmeet Singh Bhamra, and Hani B. Abdul-Jabar

reported that 4% (52/1240) of consultants used the anterior approach versus 0.7% (6/1032) of trainees. Table 3. Description of supervision characteristics for included studies Study Trainee group Trainee (n