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Jean-Pierre St Mart and En Lin Goh

. Haptic robotics enable a systems approach to design of a minimally invasive modular knee arthroplasty . Am J Orthop (Belle Mead NJ) 2009 ; 38 : 23 – 27 . 18. Zlotnicki JP O’Malley MJ . Learning curve for robot- and computer

Cheuk Yin Li, Kenneth Jordan Ng Cheong Chung, Omar M. E. Ali, Nicholas D. H. Chung, and Cheuk Heng Li

. Loose locking mechanisms, backside wear and micromotion increase modularity and therefore increase wear particle generation. Other studies from Crotti et al and Gehrke et al 68 , 69 explained the immunological response is commenced by macrophages

Richard Peter Almeida, Lipalo Mokete, Nkhodiseni Sikhauli, Allan Roy Sekeitto, and Jurek Pietrzak

reduce the infective microbial load around the prosthesis and wound, including breaking down biofilm. 1 , 11 Surgical management involves open deep debridement of the joint and thorough wound irrigation and wherever possible modular bearings should be

Gerhard M. Hobusch, Kevin Döring, Rickard Brånemark, and Reinhard Windhager

in a rural setting in Indonesia. A main goal was that measurement, manufacturing and fitting could be performed in one. Therefore, a modular socket system, produced directly on the residual limb, was tested in a quantitative longitudinal study

Andrea Angelini, Nicolò Mosele, Elisa Pagliarini, and Pietro Ruggieri

reveals progressive resorption of bone despite medical treatment. (C) Resection and reconstruction with conventional modular mega prosthesis have been performed. Surgery also plays a key role in thoracic complications, such as chylothorax or even