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Vikki Wylde, Neil Artz, Nick Howells, and Ashley W. Blom

the patella and tibial tubercle. This loading on the anterior aspect of the knee can displace the tibia in a posterior direction with respect to the femur. However, research that has evaluated the displacement of the femoral component relative to the

Matías Sepúlveda, Cecilia Téllez, Víctor Villablanca, and Estefanía Birrer

fractures: where are we now? Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research 2014 472 3814 – 3822 . ( ) 24615424 29. Shah IP Fernandes JA . Injuries to the distal femur and patella . Surgery 2020 38 554 – 559

Emanuele Diquattro, Sonja Jahnke, Francesco Traina, Francesco Perdisa, Roland Becker, and Sebastian Kopf

& Clatworthy M . Effectiveness of thicker hamstring or patella tendon grafts to reduce graft failure rate in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in young patients . Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy 2021 29 725 – 731 . ( https

Elena Gálvez-Sirvent, Aitor Ibarzábal-Gil, and E Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán

stiffness. Sassoon et al. analysed 22 patients with a mean age of 40 who experienced closed MUA for post-traumatic knee arthrofibrosis ( 29 ). Injuries included fractures of the femur, tibia, and patella, as well as ligamentous injuries and traumatic

Andy Craig, S W King, B H van Duren, V T Veysi, S Jain, and J Palan

Mechanical complications (inter-stage) Eradication rate Chiang et al . (64) PC 45 40 Dynamic, moulded ( n   = 23) Static, handmade ( n   = 22) – HSS and ROM better with dynamic group Group B: Increased patella baja and more likely

Jun Zhang, Erhu Li, and Yuan Zhang

Institute (AORI) classification, changes in joint line height, and patella height. They found that two causes (loosening and instability), abnormal joint lines and patellar height, are independent factors that affect the use of constrained prostheses ( 18

Javier Masquijo and Alpesh Kothari

In a large multicentre study, 17 77% of lesions affected the medial femoral condyle (51% on the lateral aspect, 19% on the central aspect and 7% on the medial aspect), 17% affected the lateral femoral condyle, 7% affected the patella, 1% were

Alli Gokeler, Bart Dingenen, Caroline Mouton, and Romain Seil

and detect a potential anomaly (graft elongation, iterative rupture, contralateral rupture, etc.) ( Fig. 3 ). Fig. 3 Anterior and rotational knee laxity measurement devices: a) the GNRB: the ankle and patella of the tested leg are fixed and a

E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán and Primitivo Gómez-Cardero

years, with an overall patient satisfaction rate of 92.2%. Konan and Haddad 46 2016 Topographical location and severity of cartilage damage of the patella can significantly influence function after successful Oxford medial UKA

Fabio A. Rodriguez-Patarroyo, Nadin Cuello, Robert Molloy, Viktor Krebs, Alparslan Turan, and Nicolas S. Piuzzi

nerve to vastus medius), lateral (direct branch of sciatic nerve) Nerve to vastus intermedius Skin anterior, superior, inferior, medial and lateral to patella; retinacula; collateral ligaments and capsule of knee joint Subsartorial Saphenous