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Cécile Batailler and Philippe Neyret

Joint Surg [Am] 2016 ; 98-A : 417 - 27 . 12. Nelitz M Dreyhaupt J Lippacher S . Combined trochleoplasty and medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction for recurrent patellar dislocations in severe trochlear

Daniel Herren

implant arthroplasty, even with formal collateral ligament reconstruction and prolonged splinting during rehabilitation ( Fig. 2 ). Arthrodesis should therefore be considered carefully, especially in the radial digits, if the lateral deformation of the PIP

Daniel Bachman and Akin Cil

polished cobalt- chrome metal spool is shaped to mimic the native capitellum and trochlea. The stem has medial and lateral fins as well as an anterior flange to provide additional rotational stability. Reconstruction or repair of the medial and lateral

Jean-Charles Le Huec, Stephane Bourret, Wendy Thompson, Christian Daulouede, and Thibault Cloché

region and observe the SIJ plate: (1) body of the pelvic bone, (2) auricular surface of the sacrum, (3) sacrum, (4) antero-superior iliac spine, (5) iliac tuberosity, (6) auricular surface of the ilium, (7) anterior sacro-iliac ligament, (8) postero

Emmanuel Thienpont

facilitate the joint reconstruction and not complicate it. Extended approaches to achieve wide exposure reduce surgical time and facilitate component removal, soft tissue balancing, bone reconstruction and long-stemmed component implantation. 6 However

Paolo Salari and Andrea Baldini

tibia with the release of the deep medial collateral ligament (MCL) to the postero-medial capsule is performed. The superficial MCL may be elevated more distally to extend the medial release. To gain adequate joint exposure, intraarticular adhesions are

Jun Zhang, Erhu Li, and Yuan Zhang

reconstruction methods, such as bone cement and screws, autologous bone grafting, or metal augmentation. If the collateral ligament cannot be properly balanced, a VVC system can be an option. For types IIb and III, it is necessary to use blocks, wedges

Josep Muñoz Vives, Jean-Christophe Bel, Arantxa Capel Agundez, Francisco Chana Rodríguez, José Palomo Traver, Morten Schultz-Larsen, and Theodoros Tosounidis

Fraser et al reported an incidence of 7% (16 of 222 patients). 3 On the treatment of knee ligament injuries, opinions differ widely, but the less favourable results associated with late reconstruction of damaged knee ligaments are generally

Daan Vermeulen, Mara Rosa van der Valk, and Laurens Kaas

stability by osseous structures, ligaments and muscles. The grooved form of the trochlea prevents the patella from dislocation, as well as the medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL, see Fig. 1 ) and the vastus medialis oblique. 4 These structures each

Tim Pohlemann, Steven C. Herath, Benedikt J. Braun, Mika F. Rollmann, Tina Histing, and Antonius Pizanis

plate after reduction of the fracture and (d) postoperative result. For wound closure, after placement of drains, a careful reconstruction of the inguinal canal is mandatory. Therefore, the conjoint tendon is reattached to the inguinal ligament