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E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán

balance Surgical trauma to the patella tendon Implant malalignment Postoperative factors Inadequate physical medicine and rehabilitation (physiotherapy) combined with a poorly motivated patient Inadequate pain control Preoperative

Babar Kayani, Sujith Konan, Atif Ayuob, Elliot Onochie, Talal Al-Jabri, and Fares S. Haddad

, and patella eversion compared with conventional manual TKA. 44 Early functional outcomes and time to hospital discharge Improved preservation of the periarticular soft envelope secondary to reduced intentional soft tissue releases and

Lorenz Pisecky, Matthias Luger, Antonio Klasan, Tobias Gotterbarm, Matthias C. Klotz, and Rainer Hochgatterer

. Clin Orthop Relat Res 1992 ; 283 : 237 – 243 . 2. Juutilainen T Pätiälä H Rokkanen P Törmälä P . Biodegradable wire fixation in olecranon and patella fractures combined with biodegradable screws or plugs and compared with

Fahima A. Begum, Babar Kayani, Justin S. Chang, Rosamond J. Tansey, and Fares S. Haddad

lateralis, and vastus intermedius to form the quadriceps tendon, which inserts into the patella tendon and tibial tuberosity. 12 Several unique anatomical features of the rectus femoris predispose this muscle to proximal avulsion injuries. 5 The

Josep Muñoz Vives, Jean-Christophe Bel, Arantxa Capel Agundez, Francisco Chana Rodríguez, José Palomo Traver, Morten Schultz-Larsen, and Theodoros Tosounidis

situations. Peri-prosthetic fractures around the knee are on the rise. The distal femur is most commonly affected, followed by the proximal tibia and the patella. Peri-prosthetic fractures involving both the distal femur and proximal tibia have been

Philippe Beaufils, Roland Becker, Sebastian Kopf, Ollivier Matthieu, and Nicolas Pujol

is also important for the detection of radiographic evidence of patella-femoral osteoarthritis. Knee MRI is typically not indicated in the first-line work-up of the middle-aged or older patients with knee-joint symptoms. MRI captures an incredible

Martyn Porter, Richard Armstrong, Peter Howard, Matthew Porteous, and J. Mark Wilkinson

replacement. Unicondylar knee replacement. Patella-femoral replacements. Annual Clinical Report for hospitals In England and Wales NHS organizations are known as Trusts. These Trusts often have more than one hospital within the

Vinzenz Auersperg and Klemens Trieb

Patella V . A volleyball player with bilateral knee osteochondritis dissecans treated with extracorporeal shock wave therapy . Chir Organi Mov 2009 ; 93 : 37 – 41 . 46. Marx S Thiele R . Fallvorstellung der

Sebastian Kopf, Manuel-Paul Sava, Christian Stärke, and Roland Becker

should keep in mind that treating properly concomitant lesions such as in meniscus tears, patella instability, and leg malalignment will improve the outcome and the survival of the cartilage treatment. Fig. 8 Some examples of surgical treatment of

Carlos A. Encinas-Ullán, José M. Martínez-Diez, and E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán

above the proximal pole of the patella, but it carries a greater risk of injury to the neurovascular structures than more laterally inserted pins; in addition, anterolateral pins may lead to unnoticed knee joint penetration through the supra