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George Grammatopoulos, Moritz Innmann, Philippe Phan, Russell Bodner, and Geert Meermans

means of native anatomy ( 59 ) – but huge variability exists even for primary osteoarthritis ( 75 )) and (iii) non-validated, to date, in cohorts operated other than with a posterior approach, with the use of standard bearings and without the aid of

Giorgio Perino, Ivan De Martino, Lingxin Zhang, Zhidao Xia, Jiri Gallo, Shonali Natu, David Langton, Monika Huber, Anastasia Rakow, Janosch Schoon, Enrique Gomez-Barrena, and Veit Krenn

.com/view.asp?rID=42831 . 22. Langton DJ Jameson SS Joyce TJ Hallab NJ Natu S Nargol AV . Early failure of metal-on-metal bearings in hip resurfacing and large-diameter total hip replacement: a consequence of

Giuseppe Solarino, Giovanni Vicenti, Massimiliano Carrozzo, Guglielmo Ottaviani, Biagio Moretti, and Luigi Zagra

MA Pacione CA Laurent MP Murphy RF Rider C . How have alternative bearings and modularity affected revision rates in total hip arthroplasty? Clin Orthop Relat Res 2014 ; 472 : 3747 – 3758 . 51

Jun Zhang, Erhu Li, and Yuan Zhang

Erickson J Anderson MB Pelt CE . Comparison of total knee arthroplasty with highly congruent anterior-stabilized bearings versus a cruciate-retaining design . Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research 2014 472 175 – 180 . (

Carlos A. Encinas-Ullán and E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán

significant incidence of PCS in high-flex mobile bearings. Despite the high rate of PCS, overall patients did well and were satisfied with their outcomes. Costanzo et al 9 2014 Seventy-five knees in 68 patients were treated arthroscopically for

Achi Kamaraj, Nikhil Agarwal, K. T. Matthew Seah, and Wasim Khan

such problems efficiently. Fig. 2 An example of a Markov model. Source : Adapted from Pennington et al, who used a Markov model to compare the cost-utility of five commonly used cemented brands of unconstrained prostheses with fixed bearings

Mark Anthony Roussot, Georges Frederic Vles, and Sam Oussedik

McAuley JP Engh GA . Factors associated with the loss of thickness of polyethylene tibial bearings after knee arthroplasty . J Bone Joint Surg Am 2007 ; 89 : 1306 – 1314 . 67. Berend ME Ritter MA Meding JB