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Jorge de-las-Heras Romero, Ana María Lledó Alvarez, Fernando Moreno Sanchez, Alejandro Perez Garcia, Pedro Antonio Garcia Porcel, Raul Valverde Sarabia, and Marina Hernandez Torralba

disruption because it enables good visualisation of the AITFL and the PITFL and is not invasive. Furthermore, MRI is able to clearly define the lesion and associated injuries and can be useful in determining prognosis following a syndesmosis sprain. 2

Francisco Figueroa, David Figueroa, Rafael Calvo, Alex Vaisman, and João Espregueira-Mendes

ACL and partial MCL) and concomitant ACL and posterior cruciate ligament injuries. From a rational point of view, more complex knee injuries, involving more ligaments, and with a poorer prognosis, will require the use of an allograft, meaning that

Jie Xiang, Weibo Zhao, Xiao Luo, Zhenghua Hong, and Hua Luo

clinical presentation varies from a few hours to a few months ( 2 ). Moreover, most patients with SSDH present with sudden back pain followed by sensorimotor changes, neurogenic bladder, and autonomic dysfunction. While the prognosis of SSDH is determined

Alpaslan Senkoylu and Mehmet Cetinkaya

, Cheung KM . Prognosis of spontaneous thoracic curve correction after the selective anterior fusion of thoracolumbar/lumbar (Lenke 5C) curves in idiopathic scoliosis . Spine J 2014 ; 14 : 1117 - 1124 . 30 Luk KD , Cheung WY

Marc Beirer, Chlodwig Kirchhoff, and Peter Biberthaler

. Spinal cord injury–incidence, prognosis, and outcome: an analysis of the TraumaRegister DGU . Spine J 2015 ; 15 : 1994 - 2001 . 21 Weber CD Horst K Lefering R . Major trauma in winter sports: an international trauma

James Plant and Stephen Cannon

biopsy increases the risks of local contamination and clinical morbidity, with a worse prognosis in 8% of cases. Definitive surgery can be made more difficult following an open biopsy, and there is an increased risk of amputation. There are strict

Daniel Petek, Didier Hannouche, and Domizio Suva

. A femoral head depression is described when there is a change in the femoral head contour of > 2 mm which may lead to a worse prognosis. 29 This fact is supported by a cross-sectional study of 68 hips (52 patients) suffering from ONFH. It has

E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán and Primitivo Gómez-Cardero

in the flexion position to define the association with short-term prognosis. They observed that to prevent implantation of the femoral component too laterally using a new device during UKA, knee surgeons should set the drill guide more medially, such

Alpaslan Senkoylu, Rolf B. Riise, Emre Acaroglu, and Ilkka Helenius

included syndromic patients as well as idiopathic scoliosis patients. Their results were for: initiation of cast correction at a younger age, moderate curve size (< 60 degrees), and an idiopathic diagnosis, which carry a better prognosis than curves at an

Maria Anna Smolle, Lukas Leitner, Nikolaus Böhler, Franz-Josef Seibert, Mathias Glehr, and Andreas Leithner

, fracture incidence, fracture healing, fracture treatment outcome and prognosis, as well as incidence, complications and outcome of elective orthopaedic and traumatological procedures were included. Studies not analysing the effect of smoking on bone