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Jorge de-las-Heras Romero, Ana María Lledó Alvarez, Fernando Moreno Sanchez, Alejandro Perez Garcia, Pedro Antonio Garcia Porcel, Raul Valverde Sarabia, and Marina Hernandez Torralba

Introduction The term syndesmotic injury is used to describe a lesion of the ligaments that connect the distal fibula and the tibial notch surrounded on both sides by the anterior and posterior tibial tubercles, with or without an associated

Massimo Ceruso, Sandra Pfanner, and Christian Carulli

collateral ligament is resutured to the intact phalango-glenoidal component. The retinacular ligament is sutured to the lateral band in order to complete the anatomical reconstruction of the extensor apparatus ( Figs 1 to 4 ). 7 Fig. 1 Proximal

Alfonso Vaquero-Picado and E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán

been reported, 34 , 35 especially in young patients and concomitant anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. 36 Pattern of tear Vertical longitudinal tears are the best scenario in terms of success when facing a meniscal repair. 37

Alberto Grassi, Nicola Pizza, Gian Andrea Lucidi, Luca Macchiarola, Massimiliano Mosca, and Stefano Zaffagnini

of the connections between the lateral meniscus and the popliteal tendon 8 , 9 further increased the confusion. Moreover, apart from the well-known popliteofibular ligament (PFL) connecting the popliteus tendon with the tip of the fibula, 4

José Nuno Ferreira, João Vide, Daniel Mendes, João Protásio, Rui Viegas, and Manuel Resende Sousa

– 878 . 10. Yasuda T Shima H Mori K Tsujinaka S Neo M . Simultaneous reconstruction of the medial and lateral collateral ligaments for chronic combined ligament injuries of the ankle . Am J Sports Med

Stefano Zaffagnini, Alberto Grassi, Gianluca Zocco, Michele Attilo Rosa, Cecilia Signorelli, and Giulio Maria Marcheggiani Muccioli

medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) 29 and, according to some authors, 30 also those with MPFL injury at its patellar insertion. In this regard, different techniques of MPFL repair or reconstruction have been reported to deal with such

Charles Rivière, William Jackson, Loïc Villet, Sivan Sivaloganathan, Yaron Barziv, and Pascal-André Vendittoli

tuberosity osteotomy and/or reconstruction of the medial patellofemoral ligament could present as an option. Type 5 Type 5 defines cases where the pre-arthritic knee anatomy is difficult to estimate because of substantial articular bone loss for

John Edwin, Shahbaz Ahmed, Shobhit Verma, Graham Tytherleigh-Strong, Karthik Karuppaiah, and Joydeep Sinha

the SCJ can be carried out by either direct suturing/fixation or ligament reconstruction of the SCJ. Direct repair of the SC and costoclavicular ligaments is a technique that can be used in acute cases using a variety of suture materials, anchors

Michael J. Raschke, Christoph Kittl, and Christoph Domnick

-mineralised tibial head, fractures of the medial compartment appeared more often in multi-part tibial-head dislocation-type injuries. 1 , 9 Iatrogenic partial tibial fractures have been reported in a few cases after ligament reconstruction surgery and high

Young Yi and Woochun Lee

. 2 The treatment for ankle arthritis varies according to the cause and severity of the cartilage degeneration. For example, arthroscopic debridement, spur excision or ligament reconstruction have been attempted for early-stage degenerative