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Jurek Rafal Tomasz Pietrzak, Zia Maharaj, Lipalo Mokete, and Nkhodiseni Sikhauli

Therefore a thorough evaluation is imperative to avoid both anaesthetic and surgical complications and improve functional outcomes after THA. Nutritional state Nutritional state should be assessed in all HIV-positive patients with advanced disease as

Karl Stoffel, Christoph Sommer, Mark Lee, Tracy Y Zhu, Karsten Schwieger, and Christopher Finkemeier

femoral fractures. Studies Fracture healing Knee ROM Functional outcomes Deformity Complications Sanders et al. (24) All fractures (100%) healed in a mean time of 6.7 months (range 5–9). Flexion < 90°: n   = 3 (33

Andy Craig, S W King, B H van Duren, V T Veysi, S Jain, and J Palan

to weightbear through the ipsilateral limb, and in some cases prosthetic articulation. These mechanical roles play an important role in functional outcome and further promote resolution of infection ( 32 , 33 , 34 , 35 ). Methods The

Young Yi and Woochun Lee

-term results after re-alignment surgery are promising, with substantial post-operative pain relief and functional improvement that is reflected by high rates of patient satisfaction. 5 - 7 This review aims to examine the indications, results and

Rui Zhang, Xiaoyu Wang, Jia Xu, Qinglin Kang, and Reggie C Hamdy

Orthopaedics 2020 21 207 – 212 . ( ) 18. Mohan Kumar EG Yathisha Kumar GM Noorudheen M . Functional outcome of bell tawse procedure for the management of chronic unreduced Monteggia fracture-dislocation in

Rory Cuthbert, James Wong, Philip Mitchell, and Parag Kumar Jaiswal

one patient (0.18%) with dislocation occurring in just 2.3%. 13 Although longer-term follow-up is required, excellent functional outcomes coupled with a rate of revision approximately one-fifth of that reported in standard THA for NOFs is

Fahima A. Begum, Babar Kayani, Justin S. Chang, Rosamond J. Tansey, and Fares S. Haddad

Furthermore, most studies are retrospective case series with limited data on functional outcomes and complications reported at short-term follow-up only. 7 , 12 , 13 Fig. 1 Intra-operative photograph showing the avulsed proximal rectus femoris tendon

Pietro Feltri, Camilla Mondini Trissino da Lodi, Alberto Grassi, Stefano Zaffagnini, Christian Candrian, and Giuseppe Filardo

, surgery time, discharge time, blood loss, follow-up, complications, reinterventions, mortality, and functional outcome. Fig. 1 PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses) flowchart of the study selection process

Andreas Fontalis, Eustathios Kenanidis, Katharine Bennett-Brown, and Eleftherios Tsiridis

stay and functional outcomes. Fig. 1 Flow diagram depicting the phases of literature search. Methodological quality assessment We utilized the Newcastle-Ottawa Scale (NOS) 18 to evaluate the methodological rigour in cohort

Rui Claro and Hélder Fonte

-up: 60 months) who underwent arthroscopic SCR using an FL autograft, no significant difference was observed in subjective or functional outcomes between patients with varying degrees of preoperative active shoulder elevation (no pseudoparalysis, moderate