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Yusuf Omar Qalib, Yicun Tang, Dawei Wang, Baizhou Xing, Xingming Xu, and Huading Lu

methods to visualize the lesion are available including posterolateral transeptal, 39 , 40 transnotch view, 41 etc. Probing and visualization of the inferior surface of the medial meniscus via anterior approach may reveal Type 3 MRL, whereas the

David Limb

fixation. Although anterior approaches, with the patient in the beach chair position, are employed for the most commonly fixed glenoid fractures, scapula blade fractures demand a posterior approach with the patient in the lateral position. The Judet

Jean-Pierre St Mart, En Lin Goh, and Zameer Shah

complication rate . Int J Med Robot Comput Assist Surg 2018 ; 14 : e1912 . 66. de Steiger RN Lorimer M Solomon M . What is the learning curve for the anterior approach for total hip arthroplasty? Clin Orthop Relat Res

Maria Moralidou, Anna Di Laura, Johann Henckel, Harry Hothi, and Alister J. Hart

through a minimally invasive direct anterior approach: clinical outcomes at five years’ follow-up . Int Orthop 2017 ; 41 : 699 – 705 . 44. Tostain O Debuyzer E Benad K et al. Ten-year outcomes of cementless

Konrad Sebastian Wronka, Michell Gerard-Wilson, Elizabeth Peel, Ola Rolfson, and Peter Herman Johan Cnudde

Chen AF Heller S Hozack WJ . Direct anterior approach for revision total hip arthroplasty . Ann Transl Med 2014 ; 2 : 100 . 43. Crockarell J Dabov G . Extended trochanteric osteotomy for total hip

Pedro Cano-Luís, Miguel Ángel Giráldez-Sánchez, and Pablo Andrés-Cano

VA Dickson KF . Open reduction internal fixation of a pelvic malunion through an anterior approach . J Orthop Trauma 2001 ; 15 : 519 - 524 . 11. Van den Bosch E Van der Kleyn R Van Zwienen M

Philipp Schleicher, Andreas Pingel, and Frank Kandziora

poses the risk for implant failure. Additionally, severe kyphotic deformity might obviate an anterior approach to the cervical spine. In the majority of ankylosing spondylitis cases, the best option is a posterior long-segment instrumentation. C

Alexandre Lädermann, Philippe Collin, George S. Athwal, Markus Scheibel, Matthias A. Zumstein, and Geoffroy Nourissat

and deltoid preserving anterior approach for reverse shoulder arthroplasty . Orthop Traumatol Surg Res 2016 ;( 102 ): 905 - 908 . 69. Ernstbrunner L Suter A Catanzaro S Rahm S Gerber C . Reverse

Amer Sebaaly, Mohammad Daher, Bendy Salameh, Ali Ghoul, Samuel George, and Sami Roukoz

pedicles in the event of severe truncal imbalance ( 58 ). An excision through a posterior approach or sequential posterior and anterior approach is indicated ( 58 ). Studies showed a superior curve correction of this method compared to in situ fusion and

Rui Zhang, Xiaoyu Wang, Jia Xu, Qinglin Kang, and Reggie C Hamdy

through Boyd’s posterior approach or Kocher’s approach and sometimes combined with Henry’s anterior approach, was once universally approved treatment for NMF ( 2 , 15 , 17 , 23 , 24 , 29 , 39 , 48 ). This technique was also successful in treating