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Deepak Samson, Chye Yew Ng, and Dominic Power

late, then the distal nerve transfer can be utilised. The suggested algorithm should be employed to guide the treating orthopaedic surgeon at the time of ligament reconstruction. Conflict of Interest None declared. Funding No benefits

Joaquín Sanchez-Sotelo and Mark Morrey

migrate posteriorly with the distal forearm or it may disassociate from the ulna (Monteggia equivalent). Most of the time, ligamentous disruption occurs through bone fragments, so that once the bones are fixed, ligament repair or reconstruction is not

Evrim Sirin, Nuri Aydin, and Osman Mert Topkar

interest in arthroscopic management of these injuries. 17 Many techniques have been described and they are principally addressed to repair CC ligaments. However, proper management requires reconstruction of the AC ligament as well as the superior joint

Riccardo D’Ambrosi, Katia Corona, Germano Guerra, Simone Cerciello, Chiara Ursino, Nicola Ursino, and Michael Hantes

reconstruction graft failure. Therefore, in the context of a multi-ligament knee injury involving the POL, early concurrent repair or reconstruction is recommended to facilitate early mobilization and rehabilitation. 26 The existing relevant literature

Sohrab Keyhani, Mohammad Movahedinia, Arash Sherafat Vaziri, Mehran Soleymanha, Fardis Vosoughi, Mohammad Tahami, and Robert F LaPrade

elevates the sagging fragment without requiring the figure-of-four position ( 31 ) ( Fig. 5E and F ). Posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Arthroscopic PCL reconstruction can be performed with or without posterior portals, both of which are

Carol C. Hasler and Daniel Studer

. Adequate trochlear shape and sulcus depth are major stabilisers in knee flexion greater than 20°. 29 Hence, MPFL reconstruction has become one of the most important surgical techniques for chronic patellar instability. This ligament has a tensile

Emanuele Diquattro, Sonja Jahnke, Francesco Traina, Francesco Perdisa, Roland Becker, and Sebastian Kopf

Introduction Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears are one of the most commonly sustained knee injuries, with an estimated incidence of 200 000 per year only in the USA ( 1 , 2 ). In young, active patients, ACL reconstruction (ACL-R) is the

Sebastian Siebenlist, Arne Buchholz, and Karl F. Braun

ligament reconstructions should be performed last. 39 , 40 Fig. 7 (a) and (b) Monteggia-like lesion (type IID); (c) CT scans illustrate the radial neck fracture, the comminution of the coronoid base and the additional coronoid tip fragment as well

Gilles Pasquier, Matthieu Ehlinger, and Didier Mainard

when the capsule and ligament constraints have failed completely 5 or when massive bone defects are present. 6 It is uncertain whether the evolution in bone loss reconstruction 7 , 8 and bone fixation methods, or the introduction of

Philippe Beaufils, Roland Becker, Sebastian Kopf, Ollivier Matthieu, and Nicolas Pujol

anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction . Orthop Traumatol Surg Res 2016 ; 102 : 857 - 861 . 19 Pujol N , Lorbach O . Meniscal repair: Results . In: Hulet C , Pereira H , Peretti G , Denti M