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Gilles Pasquier, Matthieu Ehlinger, and Didier Mainard

rotation and high modularity have improved the outcomes for hinged knee implants. 9 While there is abundant literature on the outcomes of TKA revision, only a few reports focus on the benefits of hinged implants in revision surgery, and even fewer

Thomas Kozak, Stefan Bauer, Gilles Walch, Saad Al-karawi, and William Blakeney

rate of revision in RTSAs with concomitant bone grafting compared to those that did not require bone grafting (24% vs. 7% five-year revision rate) in a series of 143 revision RTSAs. 26 Many shoulder arthroplasty systems now use a modular humeral

E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán

References Waldius 1, 2 Guepar 3–8 Kinematic 9–12 Blauth 13, 14 Rotaflex 15, 16 Modular rotating hinge design 17 Modular rotating-platform hinge 18, 19 S-ROM mobile-bearing hinge prosthesis

Carlos A. Encinas-Ullán, José M. Martínez-Diez, and E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán

avoid patient discomfort. With unilateral modular assemblies, manual reduction can be delayed until said frame is assembled and alignment changes are made easier than with a simple unilateral assembly. The modular assembly consists of placing two pins in

E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán, Primitivo Gómez-Cardero, and Carlos A. Encinas-Ullán

(polymethylmethacrylate) with or without reinforcing screws; modular TKA systems including optional stems, wedges, metal augments and cones made of porous metals; orthopaedic salvage systems such as megaprostheses and tumour prostheses; autografts; and morselized or

Pablo A. Slullitel, José I. Oñativia, Martin A. Buttaro, Marisa L. Sánchez, Fernando Comba, Gerardo Zanotti, and Francisco Piccaluga

prosthetic modular components; that is, the femoral head and acetabular insert. 54 However, this step is not always possible since implant availability depends on the existence of a prosthesis bank at the institution where the surgery takes place

E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán and Primitivo Gómez-Cardero

rapid recovery and good clinical results. Nonetheless, they also had relatively high percentages of bearing dislocation and aseptic loosening. All-polyethylene UKA Whether all-poly tibial components give similar results to metal-backed modular

Elisa Pala, Alberto Procura, Giulia Trovarelli, Antonio Berizzi, and Pietro Ruggieri

nail removal, proximal femur resection, and reconstruction with modular prosthesis ( Fig. 3 ). We did not observe any implant failure in Group A. Figure 3 (A) A 66-year-old female with multiple metastases from breast cancer; pathologic subtro

Patrick Goetti, Patrick J. Denard, Philippe Collin, Mohamed Ibrahim, Adrien Mazzolari, and Alexandre Lädermann

that 22% are either < 130 degrees or > 140 degrees. 26 Thus, fixed NSA humeral stems rely on surgeons to adapt their surgical techniques to accommodate patient anatomy. Modern modular systems provide centred and eccentric humeral heads as well as

Khaled M. Sarraf, Ravi Popat, Kathryn L. Kneale, Rajarshi Bhattacharya, Manoj Ramachandran, Pramod Achan, and Sammy A. Hanna

trochanter fracture ( n = 1, 0.4%), modular neck fracture ( n = 1, 0.4%) and unexplained pain ( n = 1, 0.4%). Revision rate There were 32 failures in total necessitating revision surgery in the 268 cases (11.9%). Seven hip resurfacings failed