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Marilena Giannoudi and Peter V Giannoudis

study, therefore, we examine the latest evidence on the management of elderly patients with hip fractures requiring surgery taking anticoagulants in terms of reversal protocols, their impact on the timing of surgery and outcomes. Platelet

Daniel Petek, Didier Hannouche, and Domizio Suva

intravascular coagulation and the second one attributes the ischaemia to extravascular compression. Intravascular coagulation can occur as the end result of local vascular impairment; vascular occlusion occurs because of thrombus formation due to abnormally

Philippe Hernigou, Victor Housset, Jacques Pariat, Arnaud Dubory, and Charles Henri Flouzat Lachaniette

due to a microvascular occlusion related to a disturbance of red cell architecture and haemoglobin S polymerization. Reduced deformability in deoxygenated patients leads to an increased risk of coagulation in small vessels. The incidence of hip

Leonard Christianto Singjie, Reynaldo Halomoan, Ifran Saleh, Endrotomo Sumargono, and Erica Kholinne

thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) are the most common forms of VTE incidence, causing significant morbidity and mortality ( 1 ). VTE in major orthopedic surgery is caused by several prothrombotic mechanisms, such as vein injury, coagulation

Olga D. Savvidou, Panagiotis Koutsouradis, George D. Chloros, Ioannis Papanastasiou, Thomas Sarlikiotis, Aggelos Kaspiris, and Panayiotis J. Papagelopoulos

respectively. 2 , 3 During recent decades advances in the diagnosis, management and prognosis of patients with bone tumours around the elbow have been made. Early diagnosis and preoperative planning is essential and can dramatically change the treatment

Sylvain Steinmetz, Anne-Laure Rougemont, and Robin Peter

the fundamental principles of treatment and management. Clinical features Clinical presentation of PVNS is non-specific and its diagnosis therefore requires a high index of suspicion. Pain is its main symptom. 7 The pain progresses in

Cora Rebecca Schindler, Ramona Sturm, Jason Alexander Hörauf, Ingo Marzi, and Philipp Störmann

Polytrauma: challenges and management Polytrauma (PT) caused by traffic accidents and falls are major cause of death and disability in patients under 50 years of age with immense socio-economic impact because of loss of productivity and

Tim Pohlemann, Steven C. Herath, Benedikt J. Braun, Mika F. Rollmann, Tina Histing, and Antonius Pizanis

iliac artery and the obturator artery ( corona mortis ), which, if present, can be found at the posterior surface of the pubic bone. If the anastomosis is present, it should be coagulated or ligated. After exposing the three windows of the ilioinguinal

Tim Kraal, Lijkele Beimers, Bertram The, Inger Sierevelt, Michel van den Bekerom, and Denise Eygendaal

heat with coagulation, axillary nerve damage). 66 Furthermore, a combination of partial ACR followed by gentle manipulation of the shoulder joint seems to be a safe alternative. This potentially reduces the risks of MUA alone, because less force is

Stavros Tsotsolis, Eustathios Kenanidis, Vasileios F Pegios, Michael Potoupnis, and Eleftherios Tsiridis

in shortening clot lysis time ( 30 ). The role of thyroid insufficiency on coagulation factor synthesis and function is emphasized by the reversal of the acquired von Willebrand Syndrome (aVWS) seen after thyroid hormone replacement therapy ( 29