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Andreas F. Mavrogenis, Panayiotis D. Megaloikonomos, Vasileios G. Igoumenou, Georgios N. Panagopoulos, Efthymia Giannitsioti, Antonios Papadopoulos, and Panayiotis J. Papagelopoulos

spinal nerve or cord compression, as prognosis may be poor after 48 hours from the onset of symptoms and signs, despite some authors’ claims of good results even after long-term paralysis. 101 Septicaemia is also a surgical emergency. 3 Epidural

Patrick Pflüger, Karl-Friedrich Braun, Olivia Mair, Chlodwig Kirchhoff, Peter Biberthaler, and Moritz Crönlein

fragment and displacement are factors to consider for the choice of treatment. 49 Ideally, a classification system should have a high inter-/intraobeserver reliability, be widely recognized, relevant for prognosis and applicatory in research and

Elena Gálvez-Sirvent, Aitor Ibarzábal-Gil, and E Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán

properly choose the type of treatment and ensure a good prognosis ( 20 ). Treatment The treatment options for knee stiffness are summarised in Table 2 , from least to most surgically aggressive, although these options can be used in combination

Martin McNally, Irene Sigmund, Andrew Hotchen, and Ricardo Sousa

standardised and systematic manner, aiding communication and decision-making. A PJI classification should be simple and could guide management or allow a prognosis to be discussed with patients prior to surgery. Three classifications are described: the

Marco Gupton and Jessica Burns

quantifiable amounts of cfDNA fragments valuable in the diagnosis and prognosis of pathogenic processes ( 16 , 20 , 80 , 81 ). The mildly invasive nature and quantifiable measurements allow multiple samples to be obtained linearly in hospital and office

Javier Masquijo and Alpesh Kothari

the lesion. Although there is limited high-quality literature surrounding the optimal management and prognosis of JOCD of the knee, paediatric orthopaedic surgeons can draw upon current best practices outlined by the AAOS and ROCK organizations. 50

Izaäk F. Kodde, Jetske Viveen, Bertram The, Roger P. van Riet, and Denise Eygendaal

. Watters TS Garrigues GE Ring D Ruch DS . Fixation versus replacement of radial head in terrible triad: is there a difference in elbow stability and prognosis? Clin Orthop Relat Res 2014 ; 472 : 2128 – 2135 . 81

Patrick Goetti, Patrick J. Denard, Philippe Collin, Mohamed Ibrahim, Pierre Hoffmeyer, and Alexandre Lädermann

hyperabduction test . J Bone Joint Surg Br 2001 ; 83 : 69 – 74 . 14. Hovelius L Rahme H . Primary anterior dislocation of the shoulder: long-term prognosis at the age of 40 years or younger . Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc

Jakub Stefaniak, Przemyslaw Lubiatowski, Anna Maria Kubicka, Anna Wawrzyniak, Joanna Wałecka, and Leszek Romanowski

external rotation). 1 They found that engaging defects had the worst prognosis when treated by arthroscopic labral stabilization. 1 On the other hand, different authors concluded that all defects have to engage so that the dislocation can occur

Adrian J. Cassar-Gheiti, Rosie McColgan, Martin Kelly, Theresa M. Cassar-Gheiti, Paddy Kenny, and Colin G. Murphy

. 127. Oosterbos CJM Tonino AJ . Prognosis of the Müller straight stem . Hip Int 1997 ; 1997 : 101 – 109 . 128. Bremant JJ . [10 years follow-up of the ME Muller self-locking cemented total hip prosthesis