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E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán

outpatient TKA than inpatient TKA, including component failure, surgical site infection, knee stiffness and deep vein thrombosis. 14 According to Gogineni et al, outpatient total hip arthroplasty (THA) and TKA in a well-selected patient is feasible in

Giuseppe Toro, Antimo Moretti, Marco Paoletta, Annalisa De Cicco, Adriano Braile, and Alfredo Schiavone Panni

fractures. The patient was treated with a simultaneous bilateral total hip arthroplasty (THA) subsequently complicated by surgical wound infection. After debridement and antibiotics therapy he was discharged, and two years after the surgery he returned to

Frederique J. Hafkamp, Taco Gosens, Jolanda de Vries, and Brenda L. den Oudsten

degree of dissatisfaction with the results of the replacement of the knee (i.e. total knee arthroplasty; TKA) or hip (i.e. total hip arthroplasty; THA). 4 , 10 – 14 Dissatisfaction with the results of surgery could concern, for example

Nicola Ratto, Chiara Arrigoni, Federica Rosso, Matteo Bruzzone, Federico Dettoni, Davide Edoardo Bonasia, and Roberto Rossi

expected. 2 Differing causations hase been reported for TJA failure and revision. 3 , 4 According to recent data, peri-prosthetic joint infection (PJI) incidence constitutes between approximately 0.3% and 1.7% of all total hip arthroplasties (THA

Stephanie Marrannes, Klaas Victor, Nele Arnout, Tine De Backer, Jan Victor, and Thomas Tampere

– 1430 . 3. Intermountain Joint Replacement Center Writing Committee . A prospective comparison of warfarin to aspirin for thromboprophylaxis in total hip and total knee arthroplasty . J Arthroplasty 2012 ; 27 : 1 – 9.e2 . 4

George C. Babis and Vasileios S. Nikolaou

It is projected that by 2030 the number of total hip arthroplasty (THA) revision procedures will have doubled in the USA. 1 Similar projections have been made in Australia, the UK and worldwide. 2 , 3 Revision THA poses a major challenge

Richard N de Steiger, Brian R Hallstrom, Anne Lübbeke, Elizabeth W Paxton, Liza N van Steenbergen, and Mark Wilkinson

limit of the funnel plot. All total knee and hip arthroplasties for osteoarthritis in the period 2007–2019 were included. A detailed report was made based on LROI data. The manufacturing company was informed about the possible outlier status of their

Giorgio Perino, Ivan De Martino, Lingxin Zhang, Zhidao Xia, Jiri Gallo, Shonali Natu, David Langton, Monika Huber, Anastasia Rakow, Janosch Schoon, Enrique Gomez-Barrena, and Veit Krenn

MoM small head (SH) and large head (LH) total hip arthroplasty (THA) with/without metallic adapter sleeve (MAS) and non-MoM THA implants with metal-on-polyethylene (MoP), ceramic-on-polyethylene (CoP), and ceramic-on-ceramic (CoC) bearing surface with

Jean-Pierre St Mart and En Lin Goh

. 20. Liow MHL Chin PL Yeo SJ . Total knee arthroplasty technique: TSolution One (ROBODOC) . In: Lonner JH , ed. Robotics in knee and hip arthroplasty . Cham : Springer International Publishing , 2019 : 195

Olivier Courage, Louise Strom, Floris van Rooij, Matthieu Lalevée, Donatien Heuzé, Pierre Emanuel Papin, Michael Butnaru, and Jacobus Hendrik Müller

review on the outcomes of total hip arthroplasty and TKA, and found higher risks of complications and mortality in older patients. In 2016, Kuperman et al 17 published a meta-analysis of comparative studies performed over the two preceding decades and