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Geovanny Ruiz, Norberto J Torres-Lugo, Pablo Marrero-Ortiz, Humberto Guzmán, Gerardo Olivella, and Norman Ramírez

  • Early-onset scoliosis (EOS) is defined as any spinal deformity that is present before 10 years old, regardless of etiology.

  • Deformity must be evaluated based on the intercorrelation between the lungs, spine, and thorax.

  • Curvatures of early-onset have increased risk of progression, cardiorespiratory problems, and increased morbidity and mortality.

  • Progression of the deformity may produce thoracic insufficiency syndrome, where a distorted thorax is unable to support normal respiratory function or lung growth.

  • Management and treatment of EOS should pursue a holistic approach in which the psychological impact and quality of life of the patient are also taken into consideration.

  • Growth-friendly surgical techniques have not met the initial expectations of correcting scoliotic deformity, promoting thoracic growth, and improving pulmonary function.