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Geert Meermans, George Grammatopoulos, Moritz Innmann, and David Beverland

  • Acetabular component orientation and position are important factors in the short- and long-term outcomes of total hip arthroplasty.

  • Different definitions of inclination and anteversion are used in the orthopaedic literature and surgeons should be aware of these differences and understand their relationships.

  • There is no universal safe zone.

  • Preoperative planning should be used to determine the optimum position and orientation of the cup and assess spinopelvic characteristics to adjust cup orientation accordingly.

  • A peripheral reaming technique leads to a more accurate restoration of the centre of rotation with less variability compared with a standard reaming technique.

  • Several intraoperative landmarks can be used to control the version of the cup, the most commonly used and studied is the transverse acetabular ligament.

  • The use of an inclinometer reduces the variability associated with the use of freehand or mechanical alignment guides.