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Daniel Kotrych, Andrea Angelini, Andrzej Bohatyrewicz, and Pietro Ruggieri

  • Satisfactory results in terms of functional and oncological outcomes can be obtained in sacral and pelvic malignant bone tumors.

  • Preoperative planning, adequate imaging, and a multidisciplinary approach are needed.

  • 3D-printed prostheses have to fulfill several requirements: (i) mechanical stability, (ii) biocompatibility, (iii) implantability, and (iv) diagnostic compatibility.

  • In this review, we highlight current standards in the use of 3D-printed technology for sacropelvic reconstruction.

Andrea Angelini, Nicolò Mosele, Elisa Pagliarini, and Pietro Ruggieri

  • Patients with Gorham–Stout disease (GSD) present progressive destruction and resorption of bone.

  • Typical bone-related symptoms include swelling, pain and functional impairment in the region involved.

  • The three aspects of GSD etiopathology are osteoclasts, angiogenesis/lymphangiogenesis and osteoblast function.

  • Multi-targeted pharmacological approach includes innovative options and represent milestones of treatment, sometimes associated with radiotherapy.

  • Surgery is mainly used to treat complications: pathologic/impending fractures, spinal instability or deformities and chylothorax.

  • In this narrative review, we highlight current standards in diagnosis, clinical management and therapeutic strategies.